Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good to be HOME!!

I feel like I have been away from home for 2 weeks now and well it has been pretty close. The trip to Paden was not for pleasure or fun, it was to say Good-Bye to my Great Grandpa Buck. I will miss him greatly and feel so privileged that my children got to know their Great Great Grandpa. And I am thrilled that I will see him again one day in Heaven! Breeana just got to where she wanted to see her Grandpa Bucket. The day we were leaving we went out to my Grandpa's house behind Nan and Pa to get some of our things. It kind of smelled in there and Bree said "It stinks in here." I said I know and she looked at me with the sweetest little face and said "It just smells like my Grandpa" I had to hold back the tears!

While we were there the kids go to roam free outside. Jarrett enjoyed the make shift ramp between my Nan's and Bucket's house and the baby chicks and their mom's my Pa has in cages on his back porch.

Ashley and I had bought tickets to American Idol about 2 months ago and just so happens it was this past Friday. I spent as much time as I could between chasing the kids with my Grandpa on Thursday and Friday and decided to go ahead and go to the concert. I told my Grandpa I loved him before I left.

The day of the funeral Breeana had been out with Ash in the Nitro "helping" her practice the song she was going to sing. She also practiced at the church before the funeral. She actually did pretty well on the chorus and is still singing it even today. As Ashley began to sing during the funeral Bree looked at me and said "I have to sing with my Ash" Mom and I convinced her it wasn't a good idea and she could sing later.

It was nice to spend time with my family in Paden that I don't see too often, but I am SOOOOO Happy to be back at my house. I think I won't be traveling for a long while!!!

OH and I am missing my dad!! Can't wait for him to come home from Romania!!

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