Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 24th Ash!!!

Ashley is 24 today!!! She says she wants to be 23 another year b/c 24 is old!! Ashley is not only my sister in law, but my friend and a wonderful aunt to my children, we all love her very much, and some days I don't know what I would do without her. Tomorrow she has been an official part of our family for 3 years! (She has been around for 5 though!!!) I hope you have a wonderful day today Ashley and I am sorry you have to be at work! I think all jobs should give people paid holidays on their b-day :)

What Parenting Books Do Not Prepare You For...

* How you feel like you could throw up and cry all at the same time when you have to take your daughter to the doctor b/c of a staph infeciton and they may have to squeeze it and you will have to hold her down. (luckily this didn't happen, the doc just looked at it from a distance, but I still had that feeling)

*That you may have to enlist your brother to hold down your daughter so you can rip, yes rip the bandaid off the staph infection so you can merely doctor and rebandage it, all the while having that same throw up feeling b/c she is screaming! (by the way while nexcare tatoo bandaids are very cute and work very well, they stick really bad and are hard to get hold of and take off of a screaming kicking child!!)

* How you will want to take your child's hurts away so bad, but you just can't..and you are feeling horrible that this happened to her and she looks at you pats your arm and says, "It's'll be okay mommy" and she is the one with the owie.

*That bribing with all the hershey's kisses in the world won't make medicine go down any easier!

So I am sure I will learn many many more things Parenting books leave out on this crazy journey with my kiddos. I remember when I was little and even grown and out of the house and my mom saying "If I could take your hurt away I would" it went in one ear and out the other. Only as a mother myself now do I truly understand how much truth was in her words.

Breeana does have a staph infection on her stomach. She is on antibiotic and we have to keep medicine on it and keep in bandaged. For most kids bandaids are cool, but Bree only likes them when they are not on her. So it is basically torture for her that she has to wear them. I think the spot hurts pretty bad, she doesn't want it touched or her clothes to touch it. Please pray that the medicine works and that she doesn't get another one anywhere on her body. Scott had 4 all in about 3 weeks so I am hoping she only has this one and that Jarrett doens't somehow get one. I don't even know how she got it. Scott kept his bandaged and bleached the bathroom after rebandaging it, we were extremely careful, but she got one anyway. I am just thankful for doctors and medicine!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just For Dawn!!!

Here is the recipe for "Clean Pasta" that I listed as one of the five things I ate yesterday.

Penne Noodles (cooked and drained)
Chicken cut into bit size pieces (sauteed any way you like it)
Add any veggies you like to the chicken (mom used red & green bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach leaves, onion) continue cooking until veggies cooked, add penne pasta and olive oil (we use light tasting) to the chicken and veggies. Mom lets it all cook in the pan for a little then we eat!!!

We just taste it until we like it as far as seasonings go, I know I have used seasoning salt, onion powder, garlic salt. Whatever I am in the mood for.

We call it clean pasta b/c it has no sauce except for olive oil. If this is totally confusing Dawn, just maybe I will have to make it for you sometime!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Game of Tag With 5 Things

Thanks Dawn

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Stating my JR in High School
2. Scott & I just started dating
3. Working at Mazzios
4. Running Cross Country
5. Enjoying life with no financial worries!

5 Things On My To-Do List:
1. Get the 2 year old ss classroom in order
2. Laundry
3. Wash my car
4. Get Eyebrows Waxed
5. Finish my puggles lesson for tomorrow

5 Bad Habits
1. Diet Dr. Pepper
2. Watching to many TV shows, but I love my DVR
3. Leaving laundry in dryer until I do laundry again
4. Not emptying the silverware holder in the dishwasher when I put dishes away
5. Folding laundry and not putting it away

5 Places I've Lived
1. Paden, OK
2,3,4. Glenpool, OK (3 Different Houses)
5. Woodward, OK

5 things I'm Listening To right Now.
1. Goofy Movie
2. Bree Playing
3. Jarrett not crying (he is asleep)
4. Ceiling Fan
5. Bree not talking for the first time today!

5 Jobs I've had
1. Babysitter
2. Mazzio's
3. Receptionist/Secretary/Tax Processor
4. Church Secretary
5. Mommy

5 Words I Hate.
1. No (unless I am saying it)
2. Stupid (although I use it too much)
3. Shut-up
4. huh
5. when people feel the need to say www. when giving a web address that is a given!

5 Things I've Eaten Today
1. 1 Chocolate Chip Cookie
2. Handful of Fruit Loops
3. Pancake
4. Clean Pasta (my mother's creation this is what we call it)
5. Cheetos

5 Websites I visit Daily
1. Myspace
2. My Blog
3. Friend"s and stranger's Blogs
4. Yahoo Home Page
5. Weather.Gov

I tag Hilary, Les, Ed and whoever else might want to do this fun little tag game!

Monday, September 22, 2008


While we were in Glenpool this weekend we decided that on our way home on Sunday we would meet Scott's Aunt Linda, Cousin Amy, and her girlies Kameron and Kenzie at the OKC Zoo. They have not seen Breeze since Christmas 06 and of course have not seen Jarrett yet. This was Jarrett's first outing, other than to Wal-Mart, Church you know the usual. He was a very good boy and rode in the stroller most of the time. Breeana had a great time with her cousins and seeing all of the animals. For the first time I missed her being in diapers. I had to put her on my shoulders and hike her to a bathroom at one point. I prayed the whole way she wouldn't pee on my head. By the time we got there I was drenched in sweat, but she made it. We missed getting to see the monkey's as the rest of the group was finished with that part of the zoo by the time we caught back up to them. Oh, the joy's of motherhood!!! Here are some pics of our trip.

Bree loving on her Daddy!

The cousins (L to R) Bree, Kimmy, Kenzie, Kameron)

I know I should've gave Bree a name that starts with a K messed everything up!

She needs to be a little bit taller!

Jare Bear riding in the stroller, I am thankful that Crystal had Kimmy's old stroller in her dad's truck, it lays flat, mine doesn't. If not for her stroller Jarrett would not have stayed in one so well!

Mema lovin' on her youngest!

My little RyRy, not so little anymore...he was such a good boy just played in the stroller until the last 10 minutes we were there when he got hungry!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 1/2 Hour Drive Ahead of Me

Well we are headed to T-Town tomorrow to see Scott's Parents. Breeana is having a hard time waiting, I should really keep my mouth shut about the trips until right before we leave. She thinks it is time to go now and keeps saying "I go to Mema and Papaguys house?" And I say,"Yes, Tomorrow" She says,"Let's go" and heads to the door, then gets mad when I say we have to wait one more day.

Jarrett on the other hand doesn't really care, as long as mommy is near by he is pretty happy, and that is all he wants in life for now other than his bottle. I think he is giving our nursery crews at church fits, I believe they have experienced his almost pass out cry. My brother told them as long as he is breathing he is fine let him cry, I have to say I agree with that one.

Have a wonderful week-end!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Crazy Bree

Breeana at times enjoys acting like a baby....maybe it is because Jarrett gets a little more attention than she does sometimes, mostly because his favorite thing to do is cry, and I mean cry till almost passing out sometimes even when I carry him around which he loves, he just cries and fusses.
Throwing a fit for not reason....and yes I have tried letting him cry it out...doesn't work he just keeps going, and going, and going, kinda like the energizer bunny, only slightly more annoying!
Anyway, I had just changed Jarrett's diaper and picked him up do to him almost passing out because he was so mad. If you don't believe me ask Ashley or better yet next time he does it I will catch it on tape and post it for you guys!!! Okay I got a little of track from my original intention for this post!!!! Well, my aunt called so I went to get the phone and talked to her for a little, I walk back into Jarretts room to find this....

Now she usually gets in trouble for climbing, but it is kinda hard to get onto her when you are laughing. So she got by with it this time. :) I did tell her not to do it again. We'll see if she listened or not in the future. When Bree is not being a "baby" she is a pretty good big helper....she told me that it was dirty under the refrigerator, I told her not to look under it....that way you don't know its there therefore no need to clean!!!

I tried a new hair doo for my little man, it didn't stay this way long...I am not wanting to use gel and hairspray on my 2 1/2 month old but it may come to that point, I am going to try and finish the haircut I started a week ago today....wish me luck!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 Month Wellness visit

Jarrett had his 2 month visit today. He is really 11 weeks old, but his original appointment got rescheduled, as did his rescheduled appointment, so 3rd tries a charm, we actually got to go today! He weighed in at 14.4 lbs (90%) 24 1/2 inches (90%) and his head is 16 something (75%). He is a big BOY!!! He got 4 shots and one oral vaccination, fun stuff! Anyway, he is sleeping now. I kinda feel bad, I think I cried when Bree got her first shots but not with him. I guess it will be old hat when number 3 comes along someday. Bree has to get a shot in November that will be interesting it may take the whole town of Woodward to hold her down!!! LOL Sorry no pics today!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Hair Cut

Well, I got brave enough to cut little man's hair. He was really good. I didn't have anyone her to take pics of be cutting it, but he sat in his bebepod on the bathroom counter and I used the clippers to cut it. Bree helped (watched) me. She thought it was fun. Anyway, here are some pics of his new doo. It is kinda hard to tell it is cut in the pics, but I cut off a good half inch or more!



Just had to throw this one in, she all of the sudden doesn't mind pictures sometimes. She smiled for me!!!!

My Baby Brother is 25 today!!

So Shane is 25 today. We celebrated last night at my house with our family, and Brandy, Tyrell, and Bubba Graydon. I decided to do a wordle to sum up my brother. Some of the words are a bunch of words put together because they go together. Some words only my family will understand, some of them are what Bree calls him, etc. Anyway Happy Birthdayto the best Brother and Uncle in the World!!!!

I know it is hard to see here, but click on it and it will link you to a larger version.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Little Jare Bear

Just a few pics of my little man for my family and friends who haven't seen him in a while!!!

Why you making me sit in a pink seat Mom?

Double chins are the cutest!!

Gotta love this sweet face and oh those cheeks!!!!!
I think he looks a lot like his big sissy in the next three pics...I will have to find the cd with her 2/3 month pics and compare them!!!

Sister Brother Bonding!!

I got out Breeana's BeBe Pod from when she was a baby tonight. Bree hated it and wouldn't sit in if for long at all. Jarrett on the other hand loves it. If he continues to like it I plan to buy him a bumbo seat with an activity tray. Bree's is Pink and Purple kinda girly for my little man, but it will due until he proves he will actually sit in it. Then we will pass it along to his cousin Carlee.

Bree thought it was pretty cool to have him "sitting" in the floor instead of just laying!

Taking a minute to watch a little "Goofy" together!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


So I have been playing around with my blog. It is now 12:15 am and the current design will have to do. I like my new header but not the pics. I am going to try and go outside tomorrow and take some black and whites of the kiddos and then when I find time redo the header. It took me 30 minutes to figure it out. so it may be weeks before I change it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just a little Breeze!

Bree has been very busy lately...

Hosting tea parties...(you can't see them but Mickey and Goofy are her guests. I was told to sit on the bed!)

Doing her make-up!

Talking on the phone in Style!!!
(notice the edge of her overflowing shopping cart in the bottom right of the pic. Hollace taught her how to stuff as many things as possible into about anything...thanks HOLLACE!!!)

I never posted any pictures of her big girl room, guess I forgot so I am doing that today, it is not the cleanest at the moment, but you can get the idea of what it looks like!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A whole lot of NOTHING!

My Aunt, Cousin, and Nan made it here and back home safely. I got my hair foiled on Thursday last week I think, and I watched Nicole very closely and thought to myself, "I can do that." So my aunt agreed to be my guinea pig. I didn't get any pics, but it turned out pretty good. Her hair didn't fall out, turn orange, or anything like that. My only mistake, not foiling enough hair. She would have like more red, but hey it was my first try. We are going to give it another go Thanksgiving week, and then I am going to make Scott's sister let me do hers!!! (I have done hers twice now pulling it through a cap, but it is getting too long for that.)

Anyway here are a few pics from this weekend. Other than that life is pretty boring at the moment.

My Cousin Kennedy loving on Jarrett

Bree finally likes the swings! She loves Aunt Sandy and Kennedy to come they always take her to the park!

Me and my boy. I hate pictures of myself, but I made a promise to myself to start taking more with my kids. I don't want them to look back at pics when they are older and wonder "Where was mom!"

Keep my Dad and My Grandma Linda in your prayers this week. They headed to Cali on Monday to get my Grandma's things from my Aunt Cheryl's house. I think my dad was a little excited b/c he has never been to Cali. They made it there safely yesterday, I am not sure when they are heading back, but they should be home Friday I think. I am a little jealous, My aunt got them military housing on the beach for a night! Wish I could be with them!