Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Baby Brother is 25 today!!

So Shane is 25 today. We celebrated last night at my house with our family, and Brandy, Tyrell, and Bubba Graydon. I decided to do a wordle to sum up my brother. Some of the words are a bunch of words put together because they go together. Some words only my family will understand, some of them are what Bree calls him, etc. Anyway Happy Birthdayto the best Brother and Uncle in the World!!!!

I know it is hard to see here, but click on it and it will link you to a larger version.


Ashley said...

I like bellybutton, and fingernail clippers the best.

Dad said...

Those words pretty well sum up who Shane Allen is. Well Done!

Dawn said...

that's awesome! You are so blessed to have a brother you want to spend time with! You should have done the wordle in camoflage!