Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shane and Ashley

Some of you may already know but Ashley went into labor this morning and delivered Jaxxon. Jaxxon didn't make it, but I have faith that he is in Heaven with my Jesus. Shane is on his way to Tulsa with my dad. Ashley got to hold Jaxxon and Shane will get to see him when he gets there. Please pray for our family as we grieve the loss of a son, nephew, grandson. I can't say that I understand why this happened to my baby brother and Ashley, but I pray God will one day reveal it to us. Pray for Shane and Ashley to have strength and the peace that only God can give them.


Jarrett and I went into the hospital yesterday. He has a staff infection on his lip, he looks like he had a little boxing match and lost. Anyway, we stayed all night and they pumped him full of antibiotics. I talked with Dr. Scott this morning and he thinks we will be there another night. They want to make sure his white blood cell count goes down and the swelling in his lip. He told me they are trying to avoid surgery on his lip to drain it, and if at all possible I would like to avoid that as well.

Thanks for praying for my little guy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Baby Girl is 3 Today!!!!

Breeana is 3 years old today. I cannot believe how big she is getting. She makes me laugh so much and I love her to pieces. She is my challenging child due to her strong will, but that is a great quality to have if it can be harnessed. Seems like yesterday she was just a 8 lb little baby! Happy Birthday my not so little Breezy Boo!

An hours shy of 24 hrs old!
1st day home.
about 9 or 10 months old.
So we have a BIG gap here, I cannot find my discs from 10 months to Dec. 2007, I am not that worried I have prints, but would like to find my lost discs. Anyway here she is Dec. 2007
Spring/Summer 08
August 08

And Now, not the best picture but I wanted to get my post done while I could, I think she is beautiful even with messed up hair!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I wanna play a SOFT game...

Breeana came to me with my Iphone and said "I wanna play a soft game momma." Now I didn't exactly know what a soft game was, so I asked her. She said "Ya know a soft game, not a hard one." I start laughing at her because I always tell her my games are to hard. I guess the only opposite she knows of hard is soft, at least she tried to use the right word!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Do any of you watch the TV Show Bones?

Scott and I have watched it from Season 1. It is one of my favs. We watched it tonight. I think I mostly keep watching it to see if the the two main characters will ever become a couple. They are an unlikely pair for a crime solving partnership, but somehow it just works.

First you have FBI Agent Seeley Boothe, he wears a belt buckle that says "COCKY". That pretty much describes him. He is not too book smart, doesn't know technical terms. He is tough, a protector, and somehow seems to stumble upon clues.

Then we have Dr. Temperance Brennan a.k.a BONES. She is a highly educated scientist, who studies bones, but b/c of her caring nature offers her services to law enforcement to solve crimes. She is overly smart, analyzes everything, does everything by the book, and has pretty much no sense of humor. The people she works with are a whole nother story.

In the show it is obvious to EVERYONE that Boothe is into her, but she CANNOT see it. I just wish they would hook up already, but then I may not watch the show anymore b/c there would be nothing to look forward to.

Anyway, there was really no point in this was a pretty boring day around here today, nothing else to write about really and I really like this show, maybe you should check it out in three weeks when it is on again!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Night For Change

I dread bedtime each and every night. I put both kids down every night by myself. There may be many of you out there that do this, but I am not good at it. I end up letting Bree stay up way to late, while I try to get Jarrett to sleep. Well tonight I decided to change that. I think she is a little shocked, but I have decided I will choose their bed time and not them, I am the MOM ya know!

She was so hyper so I made her go lay in her bed. I assured her Jarrett and I would stay in her room until she fell asleep. I walked around her room holding Jarrett and swaying and what do you know after 15 minutes they were both out!!! YEAH! I laid Jarrett down, he just fussed a little, but is fast asleep now.

This will be our new routine every night. One change, Jarrett will go in his bed, he is used to me not being in his room, and he can't get out, Bree can. He can fuss himself to sleep and Bree can argue with me for a few minutes before she realizes I am not kidding and gives in. Hopefully it will get easier every night.

Oh yeah, I took Jarrett to the doctor today, he has RSV. He is on breathing treatments, thanks to Kara for letting me use you machine again! Next time I am going to have Dr. K write a script and get my own machine, I think we will get alot of use out of it. Please lift Jarrett up in prayer, Dr. K says as long as he stays hydrated everything will be fine, if he doesn't take his bottles or juice, or fluid that could put him in the hospital for an IV, as of now it is not an issue he is guzzling away!

While at the Doc office I picked up a copy of Becoming a Woman of Purpose. I plan to start reading it. I will let you know if it is any good!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update of Jarrett's naps!

Jarrett has soothed (cried) himself to sleep 2 times today. He didn't sleep very long each time only 30 minutes, but he is doing better. Here is how I found him for his morning nap when he finally got quite and I checked on him, I did move him to a more comfortable sleeping position.

Tonight I face a new little challenge. He has been waking up every hour on the hour every night for the past 2 weeks. Well, I am tired. I usually go get him put him back to sleep by patting, holding, rocking, whatever works. Tonight I have decided to let him put himself back to sleep (cry himself cause that is what he does). I don't know if it will work, but I have to try something. If he were hungry, needing a diaper change, feverish, or something it would be different. He is just waking up and can't get back to sleep, so I have to let him try. Any advice is welcome!

A day with the girls at Mickey Mouse!

Breeana, Crystal, Kimmy, and I had a girls day on Sunday at Mickey Mouse Clubhouse LIVE! I think Crystal and I had more fun than Bree and Kimmy, they wouldn't even get up and do the HOTDOG dance, which is Bree's favorite. I think they were just in awe. They did pat, pat, pat to make Rocket blast off, and they clapped, and noticed what characters were missing. (Daisy, Pluto, Kanga, Roo, Eore, Piglet, Rabbit, Buster, and Big Jet were not able to make it to the show I guess). Anyway here are some picture from the show, they did not allow flash photography so they are a little dark, sorry!

Bree and Kimmy watching Ew and Ah before the show started.
So we are going backwards because this is how the photos loaded and I am too lazy to rearrange them :)

The finale with all the characters and confetti!

This is when all the characters came together for the music party.

Rocket and the Little Einsteins arriving at the party.

Little Einsteins sharing music and dances from around the world.

Pooh, Tiger and Darby join in.

Handy Manny coming to the party with the TOOLS!

Hotdog dance and Goofy's one man band. Goofy didn't show up til after intermission, Bree and Kimmy were getting a little worried he wasn't coming.

Ew and Ah were on a big screen 15 minutes before the show started.

We went to the mall to the Disney store to buy souvenirs afterwards. The ones offered at the show were way over priced it was ridiculous. The girls enjoyed the Disney store much more and we got more for out money. They also got a sprinkle cookie, Dr. Pepper, and balloon animals from the Circus Clowns at the mall. All in all it was a great day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Having Fun at Mema and Papa's

We are having lots of fun at Mema and Papa's! Here is the first picture we have ever gotten of all four grandkid's to sit and take a picture together. Kimmy is kinda going through the NO PICTURES phase, but she was a little trooper today!

Aunt Crystal gave Bree an early birthday present, Princess apron and chef's hat! Bree and Kimmy were so cute cooking in their outfits together. I put it on Jarrett, but Daddy wouldn't let me take a picture of him in a girly outfit! Wonder why???

Aren't they so cute!? They play so good together! Well today they have, most the time they are true girls and fight, argue, and yell!

Maybe it is because they took all their anger out on Daddy/Uncle Scott!!!

Just my little man cheesing for the camera!

I had to throw this in...this is how much Jarrett likes the gate I put up, or doesn't like!!!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mema got Bree, Kimmy, Crystal, and I tickets to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Live for tomorrow at 1:00 pm! We are so excited! I will take pics and try to post tomorrow!


Friday, February 13, 2009


UPDATE: He cried for exactly 29 minutes and 11 seconds, got quite and was asleep, he only slept 30-45 minutes, but I consider it success. The question is will MEMA enjoy hearing her youngest grandson cry it out while we are in Glenpool this weekend????

As I type my little man is in his bed "crying it out"! He has refused to take a GOOD nap or sleep through the night for about a week now, b/c he doesn't want to sleep in his bed. So I lowered his mattress where he can't stand and fall out and now he is in there crying, crying, crying. I never did this with Bree, but I am a tired mommy. Anyway, wish me luck, it has been 8 minutes, 19 seconds (I have a stopwatch running to see how long it takes him to fall asleep) and I already want to go in and rescue him, but I am not going to, YET!

Friday, February 6, 2009

He's Everywhere!

Here is where I found my little man yesterday. He thought he needed to see what was going on outside I guess.

What Mom?

And here is what I bought to prevent such things from happening without my knowledge! Bree and Jarrett are both a little ticked with me for putting this up. Bree liked to dig in my fridge, pantry, sneak a chair and play in the sink, etc. so this was just as much for her as Jarrett. I think this will help this momma regain some of her sanity, MAYBE! I got a smaller gate to block the foyer and now we close all the doors down the hall so Jarrett crawls up and down and up and down the hall thinking he is hot stuff cause mom doesn't make him stop!

Have a great weekend! I'll post all about Bree next...if I can get her to be still long enough to get some pics!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

7 Months 7th Haircut!!!

I forgot to add this before: Jarrett is crawling EVERYWHERE now and I can't keep up with him and he is always behind me it seems. Also he is saying MAMA and when he sees sisters cup he says "BABA" !!! He is getting big too fast!


Where is Jarrett??

Peek-a-boo I see you!

I was feeding Jarrett this morning and Bree needed me to get her some pants "Weally Bad" so I left her to watch Jarrett for me. When I came back she was helping mommy out feeding him.

One last picture!!!