Saturday, February 14, 2009

Having Fun at Mema and Papa's

We are having lots of fun at Mema and Papa's! Here is the first picture we have ever gotten of all four grandkid's to sit and take a picture together. Kimmy is kinda going through the NO PICTURES phase, but she was a little trooper today!

Aunt Crystal gave Bree an early birthday present, Princess apron and chef's hat! Bree and Kimmy were so cute cooking in their outfits together. I put it on Jarrett, but Daddy wouldn't let me take a picture of him in a girly outfit! Wonder why???

Aren't they so cute!? They play so good together! Well today they have, most the time they are true girls and fight, argue, and yell!

Maybe it is because they took all their anger out on Daddy/Uncle Scott!!!

Just my little man cheesing for the camera!

I had to throw this in...this is how much Jarrett likes the gate I put up, or doesn't like!!!

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Ashley said...

missing them! Hope you guys have fun at Mickey today!