Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Night For Change

I dread bedtime each and every night. I put both kids down every night by myself. There may be many of you out there that do this, but I am not good at it. I end up letting Bree stay up way to late, while I try to get Jarrett to sleep. Well tonight I decided to change that. I think she is a little shocked, but I have decided I will choose their bed time and not them, I am the MOM ya know!

She was so hyper so I made her go lay in her bed. I assured her Jarrett and I would stay in her room until she fell asleep. I walked around her room holding Jarrett and swaying and what do you know after 15 minutes they were both out!!! YEAH! I laid Jarrett down, he just fussed a little, but is fast asleep now.

This will be our new routine every night. One change, Jarrett will go in his bed, he is used to me not being in his room, and he can't get out, Bree can. He can fuss himself to sleep and Bree can argue with me for a few minutes before she realizes I am not kidding and gives in. Hopefully it will get easier every night.

Oh yeah, I took Jarrett to the doctor today, he has RSV. He is on breathing treatments, thanks to Kara for letting me use you machine again! Next time I am going to have Dr. K write a script and get my own machine, I think we will get alot of use out of it. Please lift Jarrett up in prayer, Dr. K says as long as he stays hydrated everything will be fine, if he doesn't take his bottles or juice, or fluid that could put him in the hospital for an IV, as of now it is not an issue he is guzzling away!

While at the Doc office I picked up a copy of Becoming a Woman of Purpose. I plan to start reading it. I will let you know if it is any good!


Kara said...

You totally picked the background and header I was going to try today! Hope J gets better soon! I remember those days last winter with Carter!

Good luck on bedtime! I know routines are hard to stick to, but better in the long run, in my opinion! Keep up the good work mom!

call if your frustrated, been there done that!

Go For It! said...

You go girl!! By helping your kids understand the simple boundry of going to bed at a time appropriate for them you are teaching them an important life skill at an early age... not to mention the increase for you in "Me Time".