Friday, February 6, 2009

He's Everywhere!

Here is where I found my little man yesterday. He thought he needed to see what was going on outside I guess.

What Mom?

And here is what I bought to prevent such things from happening without my knowledge! Bree and Jarrett are both a little ticked with me for putting this up. Bree liked to dig in my fridge, pantry, sneak a chair and play in the sink, etc. so this was just as much for her as Jarrett. I think this will help this momma regain some of her sanity, MAYBE! I got a smaller gate to block the foyer and now we close all the doors down the hall so Jarrett crawls up and down and up and down the hall thinking he is hot stuff cause mom doesn't make him stop!

Have a great weekend! I'll post all about Bree next...if I can get her to be still long enough to get some pics!

1 comment:

Kara said...

Love it! He is getting so big! How are the gates working? I am thinking about trying one for the big two, but I think Caden would just climb over it!