Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tongue Tied No More

Jarrett was born tongue tied (tight frenulum). I've asked about getting it fixed several times the past few years, but always told let's wait and see if it stretches on its own. At his 4 year old appointment I insisted we get referred to an ENT to get it fixed. Poor guy couldn't lick his lips or an ice cream cone. I was also worried about his speech.

So today was the day. We went to OKC yesterday afternoon to stay the night. Jare had to be at the surgery center by 6:30 am.

Here are Scott and Bree while we wait.

Jare and I snuggling before the feel good medicine they gave him.

A little bit of a daze after the meds.

The surgery went well. The nurses all told us how sweet he is. He fooled them that's for sure!
As we were leaving Jare said "I just want my tongue to feel normal." It was numbed up pretty good.

My mom and dad came to the surgery to give Sawyer back to us. He'd been with them since Friday. I missed him so much!

Jarrett sacked out on the way home. Poor guy was so brave today!

Our only challenge so far is finding him food that doesn't "hurt". He's in a growth spurt I think and always starving. Hoping he's back to normal tomorrow.

We will probably get to do this all over again with Sawyer when he turns 4! Still trying to figure out why my boys were born tongue tied but not Bree!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We went to Paden for Labor Day/My Parents moving weekend.

I slept with these two munchkins. Or didn't sleep. Whichever!

Last time we visited my Pa told Breeana next time we came he'd take her and the boys to get cowboy boots. She doesn't forget so we loaded up and went shopping Saturday. Boots led to wranglers, wranglers led to belts, belts led to shirts, and shirts led to hats! They sure are cute though! Was absolutely too hot for their jeans!

My pa, parents, and Ashley's mom have bought little ponies for all the kids. Jarrett rode, Duke first, he's pictured below with Bree. Then he rode Trigger a little bigger pony that Ashleys aunt and uncle brought down along with a few others. He rode them all then said I need on that one. It was a big quater horse! He's crazy, but we let him ride! Thats my brother behind the horse.

Here is Bree in Duke. He was just broke and doesn't go very well. He's Jaxxi's horse. Bree always said she wouldn't ride, but I think the boots worked some magic. She rode Trigger all by herself forever and even trotted him!

Mr. Saw took his turn as well.

That's him in the background. The little horse with my dad is Scoot. He's the youngest. They rode him to, but he has to be led around. He's my favorite and so cute!

I can't wait until our week in Paden for Thanksgiving so the kids can ride and ride. I think this non cowboy momma is gonna have to learn to ride a horse :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

This Boy

Is a momma's boy. Actually he says "mommy baby" if I call him my boy. And he's right he will always be my baby and the baby of our little family.

He's been without his binky for 2 1/2 weeks and hasn't asked for it. I do catch him when trying to go to sleep at night with his fingers near or barely in his mouth. I'm really hoping he doesn't take after his sis and start sucking on them!

A little mean streak has been coming out lately. Probably more ornery than just plain mean, but I have to keep an eye on him. He holds his own with his Bub and sis that's for sure!

My Sawyer, love this little boy so much!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School, Devotions, Life :)

School officially started yesterday. With that comes new schedules and a little stress until its all figured out and everyone finds their groove and settles in.

Miss Bree is now a big 1st grader!

She told me her first day was wonderful. But full of learning classroom rules and such. Her year is starting out with a terrible allergy cough, but she has been a trooper and hopefully it will go away soon!

Jarrett is attending Free Spirit Preschool M W F from
8:15-11 with his best buddy Cole.

He finally talked to be about school last night during our devotion time. He says the read a story and had to be quite so they wouldn't wake up the bear.

I hope both my kids have a wonderful fun year and learn lots!

Mr. Saw has been sick since Saturday with fever but is much better today. I think he enjoys have all his toys to himself 3 mornings a week. He doesn't get mommy all to himself though. I'm keeping this cutie through the school year.

I mentioned our devotion time earlier. I got this awesome book that had 5 min devotions. Each night is about a different animal. The kids loved it and enjoyed discussing it at the end.

Example devotion.

Awana begins next week and I get a whole new crew of Puggles. I think it's gonna be an ornery bunch, but I'm sure we will have lots of fun.

I think that's all for now!

(I don't have any pictures of Sawyer on my phone from the past couple weeks do my next post will be all about him.)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Travel, Tractors, & Tongue

I was smothered with kisses from
my sweet boys as I put them to bed tonight. There's just something about little boys and their momma's.

Bree has had a low fever for 3 days now. Today being day 3 and it's only came up once. She's coughing, coughing, coughing. I think she had this same sickness the week before school last year.

We were up dark and early this morning, 5 am, to take my mom to a training in OKC then the kids and I came to Paden. We spent most of the day outside climbing on the tractor.

We love if here!

Jarrett has an appointment with Doctor Scott to get his frenulum checked out. He's pretty tongue tied so we are looking into getting his frenulum cut. Just a consultation tomorrow.

I guess this trip was our one last escape of the summer. School starts Monday.

I hope the teachers are ready for Bree and Jarrett.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alabaster Caverns

We were kinda bored this afternoon so we decided to drive out to Alabaster Caverns. Scott and I have never been and we thought an hour walk through a 50-60 degree cave sounded good.

Exploring while we waited for our tour.

Attempted family pic.

I thought this was a cute picture to do. Of course I had to crop and rotate so it would be upside down!

Playing on the playground while we waited.

We had lots of fun.
Oh and I took Sawyers binky away yesterday evening. He's been intentionally peeing his pants. I told him one more time and I'd toss the binks so I did. We are 24 hrs binky free!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bree's Pinterest Project

I've seen this on Pinterest several times and decided to let Bree have a go at it. It's not perfect but she loves it. Was super easy and after helping her with 2 of them I think we may have figured out how to do it better.

Front of shirt

Back (we learned from mistakes on the front and I like the back better)

We got the iron on bling from Walmart. All ya need to do this little project is a shirt, cups, rubber bands, several colored sharpies, and 91% rubbing alcohol.

Easy and fun!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

Chalk Paint

Swimming with POP

Tractor Riding

Garage Sale Finds (jewelry box and may have been our garage sale, but the items Michelle brought to sell)

Tan lines and cute behinds!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sand, Stain, Dry

A work in progress...

So much more to go!