Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camping Day 3

Day 3 started out not so great. Jarrett had fever all through the night. That was the bad part. However, Scott did join us around 9 that morning. He and I took Jar to a close by urgent care. I spent 2 hours there with Jarrett for them to tell me he has some kind of virus and ask me if I'm sure he had fever and didn't just get hot. (he is still running has fever unless I keep him on Tylenol and motrin FYI). He doesn't look sick in these pics but his fever crept back right after we left!

Back at the campsite after lunch James and I snuck in a quick rest before Jare's party and Sawyer joining us camping.

Bree and Kimmy thought it was hot and it so was. They took turns pouring water on each others heads.

Jarrett's party wasn't the best, it was just too hot. My friend Robin made and brought some awesome cupcakes to us. Her boys fell asleep in the care on the way so she couldn't stay long. Shane and Ashley came for a bit and brought Saw to us. (So thankful my aunt watched him up to this point. He is busy and everywhere into everything. He wore me out the little bit of time he was there.)

Jarrett wanted spiderman for his theme. I didn't do much but he loved it. Saw and Kimmy enjoyed the cake! I have not one picture of my nephew Ryan. I think he spent all his time in the rv under the a/c!

After everyone left we cut open a watermelon. The kids loved it. Especially Bree & Saw!

And played in the dirt a little more.

We had fun. I know next year will be even better with the kids being another year older!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Jarrett!

Your my fearless, energetic, talkative, cuddly, truck loving, puddle jumping, cheese eating boy! I love you so much!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday even though you are a little sickly!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camping Day 2

Just swimming, resting, and eating today! I didn't get my phone out much and take pictures. I did get this one...

Jarrett decided to spike a fever! So sad about it. He's gonna be sick on his birthday!

And here is my view while we were laying around waiting for his fever to break.

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Camping Day 1

We arrived at our campsite mid afternoon. Just Bree, Jarrett, Mema, Papa, and I. Scott will join us Saturday, we are so ready to see him, as will Sawyer. Scott is working and my aunt is keeping Sawyer until Shane and Ashley bring him to me Saturday. I wanted to be able to go on adventures and do some swimming with Bree and Jare for a couple days. Sawyer just isn't old enough for camping yet in my opinion. He is however having a blast with my aunt and cousin.

We mostly just made camp and relaxed this evening.

We walked around and put our feet in the lake as well. Jarrett thinks every airplane that flys over sounds like thunder and gets a little twitted out. Bree is concerned about the things (raccoons) that could take our food at night! The two campsites next to us have dogs that have barked since we they got here. If they continue I think papa may go give their owners a piece of his mind. Could get interesting around here!

Ready for a day full of swimming, eating, treasure hunting, eating, playing, eating, and swimming tomorrow!!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Splishin' & Splashin'

Mema and I ventured to the splash pad with the 5 wild children today. Bree and Sawyer enjoyed it the most. Ryan pretty much watched from the sidelines. Kim & Jare complained of being cold and took several wrap up on a towel breaks. My friend Robin and her 2 boys joined us as well.

I had a hair appointment scheduled for today so Mema and Papa had the whole crew all alone for a bit this afternoon.

I have been debating chopping my hair short but just couldn't do it. I did get highlights and my hair trimmed and shaped a bit! I just gotta be able to pull it back on a ponytail when I run!

Tomorrow we rest up before we hit the campground at lake Keystone on Thursday!

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Monday, June 20, 2011


We are visiting Mema and Papa this week. Today we went to the Aquarium in Jenks. I have never been and neither have the kids.

Sawyer was a little frightened at first. Bree was probably the most interested. Jarrett ran around like an absolute wild man.

Tonight Bree and Kimberly dressed Jarrett up. He loved every second of it!

They also played in a little pool.

Tomorrow we are going to the sprinkler park and having a picnic. Should be fun!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red Dirt 2011

59 minute 13 seconds of fun this morning at 8:30 am. Never thought I'd consider a 6 mile ride/run fun but I do!

Michelle was again willing to be my partner. I think she's the only one crazy enough to do all these races with me!

Anyway we had a blast. I think all my readers, all like 3 of you (Ashley, Dawn, Kara) should find partners and do this race next year!

Before the Race

This is our muddy buddy/red dirt pose we must do it at these races now!

Finishing the race. That water felt do good, it was hot out there!

Getting cleaned up.

I was thinking maybe we shouldn't attempt muddy buddy in Dallas this year, but after this race...I'm rethinking that!

Next Race...Firecracker 5k July 2!!!
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Jasmine Moran Children's Museum

Ashley wanted us to take the kids to the Children's museum in Seminole while we are in Paden this week.

We loaded up Mom, Bree, Jare, Saw, little miss, Ash, and myself and headed there today.

The kids had a blast and the adults got worn out!

Sawyer mostly ran like a wild man from place to place. It's kinds set up like a city in the first half.

Courtroom, construction room, Grocery store, classroom, car garage, Medical, Firehouse, Bubble room, art room. Then there is an ambulance &cockpit to play in. A TV station room and the kids get to be news anchors. A green screen, fossil dig, huge fish tank. So much to do and we didn't make it outside in the heat!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sawyer 15 Month Check Up

We were in the waiting room for an hour today at the Doctor's office. Sawyer was so good. He played peekaboo,

built with blocks, read books, and entertained all the ladies in the waiting room.

Weight 26.6 lbs 50% (I guessed more like 30 lbs)
Height 31 inches 50%

Jarrett at 15 months
Weight 22.8 lbs
Height 31 3/4 inches

He has some spots of eczema, a yeast rash in the diaper area likely caused by the last antibiotic he was on, and ringworm. Doc said the ringworm was likely due to his age and the fact that we have an indoor/outdoor dog that Saw absolutely loves and hangs all over. Said not to worry just treat it.

Doctor K had a student observing today. As they walked in he said to her, " and now I'd like you to meet my happiest patient. I've never seen him not smiling!" And Sawyer didn't make a liar of him! He cheesed it up, didn't even cry when he got shots.

Sawyer still isn't talking much. He can say Momma, more, and Dada. However I may be the only one who knows what he says! He jabbers all the time so he will talk more soon I think.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Monday

It's been a great day! Scott got a call that he starts his new job Wednesday. He's way excited and it make me happy that he's excited!

Was talking to my brother this morn via text. He was having a bad morning. Sent a picture of this early riser to him to make him smile.

Snuck this picture of Saw during his nap time. He's so sweet!

The insurance company decided Jarrett needed a new car seat after our little accident. His side got hit. I went ahead and got Saw one to match Jarrett's. Saws is now our back up/extra. They sat in them for the longest time today. It was pretty cute.

A friend on Dailymile posted this picture today.

It made me think of Michelle! She goes along with all my "stupid" running ideas. I'm currently trying to convince her we need to do the half iron man next year! Took me awhile to talk her into a marathon. When we conquer that in November she will be ready for another challenge.

Bree has a new favorite song. It's by Victoria Justice of Disney's Victorious. It's called My Best Friends Brother. There us a music video. Bree almost has the dance moves and lyrics down. I caught her on video and I'll try to figure our how to post it later. She's gonna be a star someday!!!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Catch up!

I've been doing so well at staying caught up on my blog. Then VBS happened! I always enjoy VBS so much, but it completely wears me out.

Bree was in my class. I'm not with her the whole time though. I'm the craft girl foe pre/k and whatever else behind the scenes kinda stuff needs done. It's Kara and I's 3rd year to work together. We are pretty much a well oiled machine!

Sawyer stayed in the nursery this year. He had so much fun. With Saw food is the way to his heart.

Pretty sure they figured that out!

Jarrett only went on Tuesday. He spent the rest of the week helping Scott finish the kids okay house. That's another post. But here's a picture of Jarrett painting.

Friday afternoon I went to Maurice's to look for some shirts and shorts. Since I've lost weight and am pretty steady where I'm at right now weight wise I decided it's time to get some new clothes! (I still have 20 lbs to go, but I'm tired of the tshirts, one Jean, and Nike shorts I have! ) I really enjoyed trying on clothes. I took pictures of outfits and sent them to Ashley and Scott to get their opinions. If was kinda fun!

Scott may ban me from Maurice's cause I really like their clothes!

Friday night we rode to Elk City with mom and dad to eat at Simon's Catch. Scott had a big steak, the kids corndogs, and mom, dad, and I had fish. I didn't care for the fish that much. I'm spoiled to eating fish my family catches and cooks. It's hard to beat! However the beans, Cole slaw, fries, and hush puppies were meal enough for me. They have ostrich, emu, geese, zebra and other animals in the fields by the restaurant. We only saw some feathers friends.

Today Mom, Bree, Lori and I went to a few yard sales. I think I did pretty well.
I managed to get:
2 old navy short set jammies
2 Jackets
1 Coat (24 month)
A Gap Superman shirt with cape
2 pair Nikes for Jarrett
Sketchers for Jarrett
Pair of shoes for Sawyer
Carter's swimtrunks & Rashgaurd
Oshkosh swimtrunks/Rashgaurd
Bike helmet for boys
Short set for Sawyer
Craft Book

All for $28!! Think I may yardsale every Saturday :)
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011




and some snackin' too

at the water park that's what we do!

And Miss Claire says come here Bree I wanna play with you!

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