Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camping Day 1

We arrived at our campsite mid afternoon. Just Bree, Jarrett, Mema, Papa, and I. Scott will join us Saturday, we are so ready to see him, as will Sawyer. Scott is working and my aunt is keeping Sawyer until Shane and Ashley bring him to me Saturday. I wanted to be able to go on adventures and do some swimming with Bree and Jare for a couple days. Sawyer just isn't old enough for camping yet in my opinion. He is however having a blast with my aunt and cousin.

We mostly just made camp and relaxed this evening.

We walked around and put our feet in the lake as well. Jarrett thinks every airplane that flys over sounds like thunder and gets a little twitted out. Bree is concerned about the things (raccoons) that could take our food at night! The two campsites next to us have dogs that have barked since we they got here. If they continue I think papa may go give their owners a piece of his mind. Could get interesting around here!

Ready for a day full of swimming, eating, treasure hunting, eating, playing, eating, and swimming tomorrow!!

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