Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camping Day 3

Day 3 started out not so great. Jarrett had fever all through the night. That was the bad part. However, Scott did join us around 9 that morning. He and I took Jar to a close by urgent care. I spent 2 hours there with Jarrett for them to tell me he has some kind of virus and ask me if I'm sure he had fever and didn't just get hot. (he is still running has fever unless I keep him on Tylenol and motrin FYI). He doesn't look sick in these pics but his fever crept back right after we left!

Back at the campsite after lunch James and I snuck in a quick rest before Jare's party and Sawyer joining us camping.

Bree and Kimmy thought it was hot and it so was. They took turns pouring water on each others heads.

Jarrett's party wasn't the best, it was just too hot. My friend Robin made and brought some awesome cupcakes to us. Her boys fell asleep in the care on the way so she couldn't stay long. Shane and Ashley came for a bit and brought Saw to us. (So thankful my aunt watched him up to this point. He is busy and everywhere into everything. He wore me out the little bit of time he was there.)

Jarrett wanted spiderman for his theme. I didn't do much but he loved it. Saw and Kimmy enjoyed the cake! I have not one picture of my nephew Ryan. I think he spent all his time in the rv under the a/c!

After everyone left we cut open a watermelon. The kids loved it. Especially Bree & Saw!

And played in the dirt a little more.

We had fun. I know next year will be even better with the kids being another year older!

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