Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Final Chirstmas Post

When we got home Saturday evening we opened the gifts we got Bree and Jarrett. Jarrett wasn't real interested he just wanted to play with this toy that his Non and Pop got him. This is about as excited as Bree got. She kept asking with every package if Goofy was in it. I didn't get her anything with Goofy b/c she has almost everything I can find already and my Aunt and her Aunt got her a couple Goofy things. That may be why she gave up and Scott has to help her open the rest of her gifts.

Here she is playing with her chefs hat she got. Ignore the pile of stuff all around her it is a put away now, okay most of it.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Part 2!

We had Christmas with Scott's family on Christmas Day. We started the day with Breakfast, and then we all got to see want Santa left in our Stockings.

Ryan and Jarrett are waiting to see what Santa brought them.

We had to open present 3 different times. The girls went first while the boys were napping. Bree racked up this year. I am still figuring out where to put all of her new stuff!

While the girls checked out their new toys and ran around the house the adults got to open their gifts. And then the boys tore into theirs after their naps. It was fun to do it that way so that we could see what everyone got better. Next year I have a feeling the girls nor the boys will be patient enough to do it this way!

Saturday morning we got up early and were in Yukon by 9:00 am to have Christmas with Scott's Aunt's and Uncle's and their families. We usually have this gathering the first of December, but this year we schedules wouldn't match up. We only got to stay a couple hours and then Janice had to get to work and Crystal and Travis had to go to Travis's family. So Scott, me and the kids headed home. I will post pics of our little family Christmas tomorrow. They aren't that great Breeana decided she didn't want to open anymore gifts. She said "I tired of opening stuff" and walked off. Can't say that I blame her it was a long weekend. Lesson learned by this Mommy though, next year we do our Christmas first so I can see my kiddos enjoy our time together before all the chaos starts!

Chirstmas Part 1!

Our first Christmas get together took place at my Grandpa Ivans. We just got together to eat and visit since my cousins were in from Ohio. This is Bree with her cousin Caiden. They had fun together.

Our 2nd Christmas was with my family. We started a new tradition this year and hopefully we will actually keep it up in the years to come. We decided to go to each others houses this year. We started at Shane and Ashley's with appetizers and gifts they had gotten for us. Aunt Ashley pulled some strings and Santa came buy early and left Bree a stocking full of goodies.

Bree and Jarrett got lots of neat stuff from Uncle Nane and Aunt Ash, their John Deere Boots were my favorite and I think Bree would agree that is all she has worn since she got them.

Next we came to my house for dinner and we gave everyone the gifts we had gotten for them. I didn't get my camera out for this one...was busy getting dinner on the table. From my house we headed to my moms the reading of the Christmas story, dessert, and more presents.
I think this picture is pretty cute. I just love how even when jeans are too big, fit just right, or are too small this seems to happen to most little girls!
Her train set was this winner at Non and Pop's house!

Let me at it Poppy! Dad has to take this out of the box so Jarrett could play with it a little better!
We had fun with our new tradition. Scott and I had to make the dash to Tulsa afterwards, but I hear the rest of the family stayed up late watching movies!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Traveling, Traveling, and More Traveling!

Sunday afternoon we drove to Arapaho to see my Grandpa Ivan and Jeannie for Christmas lunch. My Cousin Cassy, her husband Jesse, and their kids Caiden and Calley were there from Ohio. Monday morning we headed to Stillwater and went to Ashley's doctor appointment. Has anyone else out there had 6 people with you to hear the babies heartbeat for the first time? I am so glad they let me go with them, it was fun to hear a babies heartbeat that I am not carrying for 9 long months! :) Anyway, I am guessing boy, but we get to find out for sure Feb. 2nd I can't wait. From there we drove to Paden to have Christmas with my mom's side of the family. We got back home tonight around 8. Tomorrow we have Christmas with mom and dad, then we are leaving late tomorrow night to go spend Chirstmas day and Friday with Scott's family, stopping my Yukon to celebrate with Scott's extended family and then back home to have a little family Christmas with just Us and our kiddos. Ok now I am officially tired! Hope all of you have a very Merry Chirstmas. I will post pictures when the whirlwind of family, food, presents, and fun is over!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bree's Christmas's Three

I was looking at some old pictures and I thought I would share a few pics of Bree from her 3 Decembers she has seen so far to show how she has grown. (major run on sentence!!!)

1st Christmas 10 Months Old
(sorry this is the only one I had on my pc still didn't want to find a disc)

2nd Christmas almost 2 years

3rd Chirstmas almost 3 years

Looking at these makes me sad, she is growing up way to fast and Jarrett is right on her heals. He is already 6 months old!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Wow 3 posts in one night!!!!

This is usually how my mom ends up if she is holding Jarrett. Bree has to be held too. She is so jealous!!! Only of Nonny, Daddy, Nane, Ash, Mema, well okay, anyone but me. I am usually the one she tells Nonny to hand brother too. Anyway, I thought this was a cute pic of my mom and her grandbabies!

Question: How is Nonny going to hold 3 grandbabies all at the same time? You know come July when my wonderful Neice or Nephew is born...maybe I will just hold him/her all the time!!!!!

I cropped Bree out of this one. She was making a really ugly face. Plus this way I have a good picture of just mom and brother bear. They are few and far between with Miss Jealousy around!

Brother Bear is on the move...

So mostly he turns circles on his tummy trying to go somewhere, but today he managed to attack sisters block box and tip it up so he could get to the blocks. I really don't remember Breeana starting to be on the move this early, but she didn't have anyone to chase after and torment either. He has almost mastered the army crawl...I am a little scared now that I am going to have 2 little ninos getting into anything and everything!!!

Just to show how far he went, he started by the mirrow in this picture!

Gingerbread House

Scott had been wanting to get a Gingerbread House to build with Bree for a while, so this weekend we got one. Little did we know it was already put together and just had to be decorated. However, this worked out for the best b/c all Bree wanted to do was eat the candy and whine cause she had sticky icing on her fingers. Here are some pics of their Daddy and Bree time.

Notice her sneaking a candy in the upper right hand corner of this pic!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Me and Nane are gonna build a castle!

Is what Bree said when she saw the snow. You see Shane is always telling Bree, "When it snows we are going to build a snowman, have snowball fights etc." I am not sure he ever expected her to remember him saying these things, but oh she did. At 7 in the morning in fact. Anyway I took her outside for a few minutes yesterday afternoon, but I am a wimp and hate the cold so we didn't stay out long. I use Jarrett as my excuse!

Shane came over when he got off work and took her out too. They rolled around in the snow for a while. It was pretty much dark, but they played anyway!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I think she gets it from her Uncle Nane...

Her inability to take a picture without being silly or uncooperative that is. I decided today to make my kids sit in front of our tree and try and get some pics for our Christmas cards. I know pushing it to get them out, but I've been a little busy, okay lazy!

There are several more pics of her with various faces, squinted eye smiles, etc., but these were a couple of my favs...

Trying to see Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I am taking her pic.

Would have been cute aside from the scrunched cheek and looking away from the camera.

This was one of the best, those little eyes all scrunched up.

Now for Jarrett. He was sitting up and fell backward, my camera was not successful at getting him sitting up, yes I am blaming it on the camera, not me!
One of the few without his little fingers or fists jammed in his mouth!

They were more cooperative when together!

Love this one even though he is chewing on my blanket!

Friday, December 5, 2008

And She Likes The Camera Again!

After almost a year of crying or acting goofy every time a camera was near, Breeana finally let me get some picture of her the way I wanted too. I know she isn't looking at the camera, but the sun was in her eyes. At least she stood there long enough to pose!

This one is my favorite, I am not sure why, I just love it.

J Man

My little guy is getting so big. Poor little thing we no sooner get the formula situation figured out, he is happy for a couple weeks, and now those little teeth are trying break through. I hope they pop out soon. He has both hands jammed in his little mouth most of the time, and the drool. Boys are grosser than girls from the beginning. I don't remember Bree drooling as much as he does!

What's this mom???
I think I like it, why haven't you given me this sooner?

This outfit was for his Poppy, the pilot!!!