Monday, December 29, 2008

Chirstmas Part 1!

Our first Christmas get together took place at my Grandpa Ivans. We just got together to eat and visit since my cousins were in from Ohio. This is Bree with her cousin Caiden. They had fun together.

Our 2nd Christmas was with my family. We started a new tradition this year and hopefully we will actually keep it up in the years to come. We decided to go to each others houses this year. We started at Shane and Ashley's with appetizers and gifts they had gotten for us. Aunt Ashley pulled some strings and Santa came buy early and left Bree a stocking full of goodies.

Bree and Jarrett got lots of neat stuff from Uncle Nane and Aunt Ash, their John Deere Boots were my favorite and I think Bree would agree that is all she has worn since she got them.

Next we came to my house for dinner and we gave everyone the gifts we had gotten for them. I didn't get my camera out for this one...was busy getting dinner on the table. From my house we headed to my moms the reading of the Christmas story, dessert, and more presents.
I think this picture is pretty cute. I just love how even when jeans are too big, fit just right, or are too small this seems to happen to most little girls!
Her train set was this winner at Non and Pop's house!

Let me at it Poppy! Dad has to take this out of the box so Jarrett could play with it a little better!
We had fun with our new tradition. Scott and I had to make the dash to Tulsa afterwards, but I hear the rest of the family stayed up late watching movies!

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Go For It! said...

Bree is most certainly her Pa's great-grandaughter!!!