Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Part 2!

We had Christmas with Scott's family on Christmas Day. We started the day with Breakfast, and then we all got to see want Santa left in our Stockings.

Ryan and Jarrett are waiting to see what Santa brought them.

We had to open present 3 different times. The girls went first while the boys were napping. Bree racked up this year. I am still figuring out where to put all of her new stuff!

While the girls checked out their new toys and ran around the house the adults got to open their gifts. And then the boys tore into theirs after their naps. It was fun to do it that way so that we could see what everyone got better. Next year I have a feeling the girls nor the boys will be patient enough to do it this way!

Saturday morning we got up early and were in Yukon by 9:00 am to have Christmas with Scott's Aunt's and Uncle's and their families. We usually have this gathering the first of December, but this year we schedules wouldn't match up. We only got to stay a couple hours and then Janice had to get to work and Crystal and Travis had to go to Travis's family. So Scott, me and the kids headed home. I will post pics of our little family Christmas tomorrow. They aren't that great Breeana decided she didn't want to open anymore gifts. She said "I tired of opening stuff" and walked off. Can't say that I blame her it was a long weekend. Lesson learned by this Mommy though, next year we do our Christmas first so I can see my kiddos enjoy our time together before all the chaos starts!

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Hilary said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas-with lots of traveling. I like the new tradition with you family going from house to house-sounds fun!