Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jarrett's Room

Here is Jarrett's Nursery. It is not completely done, I am undecided on what to put on a couple walls and need to buy the storage boxes for his changing table, and a changing pad cover. I just figured I better post the pics while I am thinking about it or I may not get around to it again, or think about it again. I believe it when people say every child you have you loose some of you brain. I think if I have one more mine will be gone!!!:)

My baby is already in his crib. He grunts so much in his sleep I couldn't sleep with him in my room and he hates the bassinet, so I put him in his crib at a mere 4 weeks :( Bree was in my room until she was 4 months!

I think Aunt Ashley did a little photo shoot with my kiddos I found these pics on my computer I think they are cute!! Bree is a really great big sister, she just wants to help so much and is always kissing her brother, usually smack dab on the lips!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Part 2

I just realized, as I am uploading pics for this post, that I forgot to take pictures of my Nephew Ryan. I am a bad aunt. Sorry Ryan I will get some next time.

Jarrett is 1 Month Old!! I can't believe it, time has flown by. He went to the doctor on Monday and is a big 10 lbs 9 ounces already!!!

Jalen loving on Jarrett

Bree trying to figure out why she isn't getting presents!

Happy 2nd Birthday Kimmy, I love you!

Just me and my baby girl, she wanted mommy and bree to take a picture!

My long week Part 1

Here are pictures of the first part of my long week away from home. I am so glad to be back in Woodward!!! Just stepping outside on the East side of the state will make you sweat. Not fun. Woodward may not have big beautiful trees, but I am thinking I will take no humidity any day!!!

This is really before we left. Jarrett's first bath that I remembered to grab my camera for!
(Really his 5th)

My Nan enjoying her 3rd Great Grandbaby, her 4th is due in August!

Aunt Ashley and Jarrett!!!

Shane napping with his little fishin' buddy!

Shane thought he could take my cousin Andy, guess he was wrong!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Missing Home

The kids and I have now been away from home for a week... We left last Saturday to go to Paden and be with family after the death of my Uncle. The service went well and there was a full honor guard graveside. I have never seen this in person only on the movies so it was really neat. Well what I saw from the truck anyway. I had to stay in with Bree and Jarrett it was extremely hot!

Anyway, I decided it was better to just go to Glenpool from there on Wed. because we were coming here Friday anyway for my niece Kimmy's 2nd Birthday, and why make the kids ride 4 hours and turn around and do it again if I didn't have to.

It has been fun and Bree has had a blast, but I am ready to come home. Another plus it Jarrett has slept in a crib for the past 4 nights, so when we get home he is going in his room and sleep in his crib instead of a bassinet!!!! YEAH!!

I will post pictures of the kids and their cousins when I get home! Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Great Uncle

My Great Uncle Pete passed away today. They took him off the vent last week, although I am sad he has passed I am glad he is no longer suffering and struggling to breathe. My hope is that he was a child of God and I will see him again someday. Only he and God know whether I will or not. Please be in prayer for my family. My Grandpa Buck has been asking when my mom is going to come. I don't think he is taking it to well, but I don't feel any parent should have to outlive their children, so be in prayer especially for him. Mom, the kids, and I are leaving here in a couple of hours to go be with family. I am not sure when the funeral will be.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catch Up

I haven't posted in a few days...mostly due to laziness and nothing more. I haven't wanted to download and then upload pictures. We haven't been doing much just hanging out at home. Sunday evening Brandy, Tyrel, and Graydon, Shane and Ashley, and My mom and dad came over for dinner. Breeana loves "Bubba" Graydon. This is what she calls him we are not sure why, here are a couple pictures of them enjoying their hotdog dinner.

Bree enjoying Daddy's homemade ice cream

Bree is obsessed with umbrellas and rain, she told me it was raining and I had to sit under her Dora umbrella with her, in the house!

I can't post without adding a few pictures of my little man, he doesn't do much yet, mostly eat, sleep, and get his diaper changed!!! But he is so darn cute!!

Big Sister helping me watch brother!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Proper Snow cone Attire!!!

Breeana and her Daddy went to get a snow cone today. She had been changing clothes and shoes all day and anyway when they got back I realized she had her snow boots on. They get to wear anything when they go with dad, I guess if you going to eat "snow" why not wear snow boots!!!

My handsome little man had a weight check today. He weighs 7lbs. 13oz.!!! Also Dr. Kirkendall agreed to take Breeana as a patient!!!:) YEAH!!!!!

Jarrett will never have to do tummy time alone, Breeana had to be right in his face the whole time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July!!!

Our 4th wasn't all that eventful. We just went to my mom and dad's house for dinner and to watch the fireworks from their yard. It was fun just to be together. Shane and Ashley had to go to Tulsa for a wedding so they were not with us this year. This year was special though because it was Jarrett's first 4th of July!!!!

Bree loves her baby brother most of the time. She tells me "I hold him mommy, you go (cook, clean, whatever I have been saying I need to do she says)" If only she as big enough to hold him for me!!

Waiting for the fireworks!

Daddy napping with his boy!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh the Joys of Nursing!!!

Today after Jarrett's doc appointment I came home and wasn't feeling so well and was aching. I took my temp and had a fever, fun stuff. Anyway, I discovered I have mastitis on the right side. I got it with Bree 3 times on the same side, so I am experienced. I called the doc and got an antibiotic so I should be better soon. I am just really upset that I have to pump. I will try him nursing after this is cleared up, and hopefully all will go better.

As for his doc appointment. He gained 3 oz., jaundice looks good, but he has come skin infection on his groin area, he has 2 or 3 little pimple looking spots, so we got a cream for that. He goes back on July 10th for a weight check. This may seem like a silly prayer request, but to me is isn't. I got Jarrett into Dr. Kirkendall, and I would like to take Breeana to him also. I have never gotten her into another doctor yet, because I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Anyway, I asked the receptionist if he would take Bree, but she said I would have to ask the doctor next week when I go. Please pray he will take her, I just want them to be at the same doctor to make my life easier. And I don't know where to take her if he won't take her. Thanks in advance!!

He hates his binky by the way...which is so unlike his sister who sucked it 24/7 since birth and still carries 2 around when she is at home!