Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jarrett's Room

Here is Jarrett's Nursery. It is not completely done, I am undecided on what to put on a couple walls and need to buy the storage boxes for his changing table, and a changing pad cover. I just figured I better post the pics while I am thinking about it or I may not get around to it again, or think about it again. I believe it when people say every child you have you loose some of you brain. I think if I have one more mine will be gone!!!:)

My baby is already in his crib. He grunts so much in his sleep I couldn't sleep with him in my room and he hates the bassinet, so I put him in his crib at a mere 4 weeks :( Bree was in my room until she was 4 months!

I think Aunt Ashley did a little photo shoot with my kiddos I found these pics on my computer I think they are cute!! Bree is a really great big sister, she just wants to help so much and is always kissing her brother, usually smack dab on the lips!!!!


Kara said...

Cute cute! I love the pic of he and Bree together!

Dawn said...

His room is really cute. And don't worry. If you have another baby, you won't lose your brain and you'll probably put the next one in it's own bed the second night home! haha.

Mandy said...

Jarett's room is really cute. I love his name in orange!