Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh the Joys of Nursing!!!

Today after Jarrett's doc appointment I came home and wasn't feeling so well and was aching. I took my temp and had a fever, fun stuff. Anyway, I discovered I have mastitis on the right side. I got it with Bree 3 times on the same side, so I am experienced. I called the doc and got an antibiotic so I should be better soon. I am just really upset that I have to pump. I will try him nursing after this is cleared up, and hopefully all will go better.

As for his doc appointment. He gained 3 oz., jaundice looks good, but he has come skin infection on his groin area, he has 2 or 3 little pimple looking spots, so we got a cream for that. He goes back on July 10th for a weight check. This may seem like a silly prayer request, but to me is isn't. I got Jarrett into Dr. Kirkendall, and I would like to take Breeana to him also. I have never gotten her into another doctor yet, because I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Anyway, I asked the receptionist if he would take Bree, but she said I would have to ask the doctor next week when I go. Please pray he will take her, I just want them to be at the same doctor to make my life easier. And I don't know where to take her if he won't take her. Thanks in advance!!

He hates his binky by the way...which is so unlike his sister who sucked it 24/7 since birth and still carries 2 around when she is at home!

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