Monday, June 30, 2008

For Poppy!!!

My dad made the comment that I failed to mention that he is in the pic with of Jarrett with his eyes open in my previous post (I believe his arm is the only part of him in the pic). So this post is dedicated to him!! He made the comment tonight while holding Jarrett that "he (Jarrett) is just too much!!!" I must say I agree! My dad is a wonderful Poppy!

*I had to take Jarrett to get blood work today for jaundice, then to the doctor. His level is 12.5. I am supposed to get him some sunlight and watch him. If it gets worse they will check his levels again, either way he goes back to the doctor on Thursday. I am praying it doesn't get any worse, better yet it just goes away.


Kara said...

How sweet! We had to do bloodwork and sunlight treatments with both boys! We stripped them down to their diapers and layed them on blankets in front of a sunny door or window for 10 minutes several times a day. Carter was more difficult to work with because it was colder in December than in August for Caden, but we got through it and never had to do phototherapy...praying Jarrett turns out the same!

Queen of the House said...

I didn't even know you were having another baby - congratulations!! I'm so glad I checked your blog today. Jarrett is so precious!

Mandy said...

We had to have Ben's checked several times, he stayed borderline for a while. I think his level was exactly the same as Jarret's. We will keep you in our prayers! He looks precious.