Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

Excited that I was actually prepared enough this year and able to get a few good pictures of the kids.

Strawberry Shortcake


Monkey (that wouldn't be still)

Daddy and his characters!

Momma's little monkey head!

We went to Fall Festival at our church and hit a few houses in our neighborhood. The kids got lots of candy and were worn out when we got home. That's good for Scott and I. The kids are in bed and we are enjoying watching the OU game kid free :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Muddy Buddy 2010

Run, Bike, Hills, Crawl, Climb, Balance, Slide, Mud Pit, Lake, Friends, Pictures, COUGHING, Laughing, Bruised, FINISHED!!!



Rocked (a. k. a. Finished)




Stroller Momma's and Sarah our fearless photographer. She seriously rolled out of bed to go to the race and still looks beautiful...wish I could do that!

Sugar Babies in the pit! (they placed 2nd in their age group!)

Chad & Mandy (shhh the Sugar Babies beat them by 13 secs!!!!)


After (I don't have to pee guess it's how I stand...taking note and plan to correct that habit)

War stories...actually I had mud in my eye and was deciding my best option to get it and my contact out...

...So into the cold lake it was! It actually felt good. I was sweaty and coughing!!

Had a blast, wish I hadn't been sick, happy I managed to drop almost 30 lbs. training for it, ready for next year!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home School...

Since Bree missed 2 days this week and is now it's Fall Break we are playing school catch up today. She is finally feeling well enough to concentrate and I don't want her to feel behind come Monday.

Since Bree's teacher sent this hone I know what she should have learned this week.

We have gone over the whole list! Bree is a pretty smart girl. Here is what we did today:
-flash cards of upper and lower case letters and numbers 1-10. She had to tell me what each letter was, upper or lower and the sound. We did letters a-g she dis Great!!! G gave her trouble on the sound but the just started that this week.
- patterns
- order
- handwriting
- months
- days of the week
-say the alphabet
-count as far as you can (she made it to 28!
-talked about weather and seasons

I'm so proud of Bree and her eagerness to learn. I hope it stays!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sick and tired of sick (but thankful it's not anything worse)

So we have been battling coughs, runny noses, and fever around here for over a month. I took Jarrett Friday to doctor K and found out he had an ear infection, croup, and allergy issues. He's a little better still pretty snotty.

A couple days ago Sawyer's left eye started to get red, I thought he just scratched it. Monday Bree came home with fever and yesterday her eyes got yucky. I took the duo in today to see Doctor K. Diagnosis:
Bree- Pink eye both eyes, sinus infection.
Saw- sinus infection, pink eye both eyes, left ear infection.

I'm hoping they are on the mend by Friday because I'm heading to Dallas early Saturday. Scott's parents are coming to help him out so they with be 1 on 1 with the munchkins.

I'm ready for a much needed break, even if I will be running and biking through who knows what and crawling through mud! Hoping I can keep sickness at bay for myself. I started coughing today and am pretty congested.

Well Saw is already fussing, not a sign that this will be a great night, who needs sleep???!!!???

I leave you with the many faces of Bree!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Brotherly Love

Jarrett has finally started to take an interest in Sawyer, or baby as he calls him, since Bree has been in school.

To bad the interest he has is wrestling!! He's actually pretty good with Sawyer. The do roll around together and Sawyer climbs on Jare when he is playing cars. I think they will be best buds.

Sawyer is doing new thing everyday! I found him pulled up to his knees peeping over his crib this morning. Guess we will be lowering the mattress soon.

He is at such a fun age, I love every minute of it, well except the fit throwing!

Love both of my boys, they are so different than our little princess, but I love her too!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

On the road to a new me!

Today was my 2nd 5k. I don't like to count the first (because I was sick and walked most of it), but I did finish it.

I ran Friday morning because I hadn't got to run all week due to an infection on my face. I ran it in 35.15 that day.

My goal was under 35 minutes for my race today. I finished in 33.35!! I pulled ahead of my friend Michelle at about .5 from the finish she caught me pretty close to the finish line, but I had enough kick left to not let her beat me. They gave us the same finish time, but I crossed first, LOL!!! I'm a just a bit competitive!!!!

Norm, Michelle, & I after the race.

My dad and I with our 2nd place medals from our age categories!

I had so much fun. Looking forward to all the races I have lined up the rest of 2010!

October 24 - Muddy Buddy Dallas
November 13 - 5k in Prague, OK (goal 31:30)
November 21 - Relay Marathon Tulsa (I either run the 7.6 or 5.9 mile leg)
December 21 - 10k (maybe) OKC