Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sick and tired of sick (but thankful it's not anything worse)

So we have been battling coughs, runny noses, and fever around here for over a month. I took Jarrett Friday to doctor K and found out he had an ear infection, croup, and allergy issues. He's a little better still pretty snotty.

A couple days ago Sawyer's left eye started to get red, I thought he just scratched it. Monday Bree came home with fever and yesterday her eyes got yucky. I took the duo in today to see Doctor K. Diagnosis:
Bree- Pink eye both eyes, sinus infection.
Saw- sinus infection, pink eye both eyes, left ear infection.

I'm hoping they are on the mend by Friday because I'm heading to Dallas early Saturday. Scott's parents are coming to help him out so they with be 1 on 1 with the munchkins.

I'm ready for a much needed break, even if I will be running and biking through who knows what and crawling through mud! Hoping I can keep sickness at bay for myself. I started coughing today and am pretty congested.

Well Saw is already fussing, not a sign that this will be a great night, who needs sleep???!!!???

I leave you with the many faces of Bree!

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