Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home School...

Since Bree missed 2 days this week and is now it's Fall Break we are playing school catch up today. She is finally feeling well enough to concentrate and I don't want her to feel behind come Monday.

Since Bree's teacher sent this hone I know what she should have learned this week.

We have gone over the whole list! Bree is a pretty smart girl. Here is what we did today:
-flash cards of upper and lower case letters and numbers 1-10. She had to tell me what each letter was, upper or lower and the sound. We did letters a-g she dis Great!!! G gave her trouble on the sound but the just started that this week.
- patterns
- order
- handwriting
- months
- days of the week
-say the alphabet
-count as far as you can (she made it to 28!
-talked about weather and seasons

I'm so proud of Bree and her eagerness to learn. I hope it stays!!!!

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