Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4 Month Check-Up

Sawyer had his 4 month check on the 21st. He did so good. Weighed in at 16.2 lbs and is 25 1/2 inches long. Jarrett was 16.11 lbs at this exact age. I thought Saw was bigger, but apparently not!

Doctor K says Saywer is right on track developmentally. He is a little lazy in the rolling over department, but so was his brother. We have to keep him on the liquid gold until he is 6 months and then we can "try" another formula. Doc says we will know within a couple bottles if he is ready for the change or not. We can also try and quit the Zantac on a month to month basis. We are almost due for a refill so I took him off of it for a day...didn't work out so well. We will go another month and try again.

He was so brave for his shots. The best shot taker by far. He smiled through the first shot, the second must of stung cause he cried a little bit. He was done as soon as I picked him up.
Doc also said we can start cereal. I had already tried a couple of times, but Mr. Saw was very uninterested. I tried again on Monday and he slaughtered it without even spitting any out. I'll feed him rice for a couple days then we will start veggies. I am a little concerned about possible allergies since he apparently has a milk allergy. I intend to actually do the whole try one food at a time thing with him. I never did with Bree or Jare, but they never showed any signs of allergies.

Bree's New Haircut!



(not a great picture she wasn't cooperating)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best Friends!

They are cousins, friends, inseparable, and playmates. I love when we get together and these two girls get to play. They have so much fun together. They have huge imaginations and there is never a dull moment with them around. I can't wait until they are older and Kimmy can come spend a week in the Summer with us.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jarrett's 2nd Birthday Party

We had this little guys 2nd Birthday Party on the 19th.

It was a small party, just us, mema, papa, kimmy, crystal, nonny, poppy, nan, sandy, kennedy, deidra, lori, john, and becca. I decided this year that I didn't want to spend tons of money on a cake and decorations, so I made cupcakes and my own decorations. It was fun making them for my little man. He is loving tractors so we went with a John Deere theme.
He got lots of new toys. I had just cleaned out the playroom and it is filled back up again!!
He wasn't too sure about the whole blow out the candle thing. He wanted to grab the flame so I think Bree blew it out for him.
I think he had fun at his party. He left shortly after to go to Paden to stay with Shane and Ashley for a couple nights. He was ready to go BYE BYE and didn't even want to give me a bye kiss :0)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jarrett is 2 years old!!

I can't believe that my Jarebear is 2 today. He is such a sweet, ornery, cuddly, loving boy. Life without him would be pretty boring. He is a little dare devil. The only thing I have discovered he is afraid of are loud trucks and tractors. Only real tractors, he will not ride with his Poppy. He loves toy tractors.

It seems like he has grown up so much just in the past month. I love this picture of him!
What are somethings Jarrett has accomplished in his 2 years of life??
  • He has really started talking and communicating just in the past month. My favorite words he says: montee (monkey), Chotat Mik (Chocolate Milk), Mommy Doot (Mommy Do it), Eh do (Here you go) he has many, many more words, but these always make me smile when he says them.
  • Can name and point to all his body parts.
  • Can identify and knows the sounds of the following animals: dog, cat, frog, horse, chicken, cow, duck, bee, snake, alligator, elephant (no sound), giraffe (no sound), monkey, lion, tiger, bear.
  • Count to 3
  • Tells me when he needs his diaper changed. This is a recent thing, we will start the potty training process hard core soon!
  • Can build a tall tower out of blocks.
  • Can work simple puzzles.
  • Knows the color Blue
  • Tells me he drew an airplane, tractor, or apple (it's just scribbles, but he thinks he is big stuff).
  • Sings parts of Jesus Loves Me, B-I-B-L-E, and Big Green Tractor. I love is when he says "Seen Mommy" (sing mommy)

Jarrett's Favorite Things:
  • Blocks
  • Tools
  • Tractors
  • Airplanes
  • Mickey, Movers, and recently CARS (an obsession passed down from his sister)
  • Green Beans
  • Apples
  • Goldfish
  • Juice
  • BOOKS!!!
  • Butter (I know GROSS)
  • Boots
  • Hats

Jarrett's my little monkey. He loves to climb and will attempt to flip off of any piece of furniture we have. He is however smart enough to put a pile of blankets or pillows where he intends to land. He doesn't always land in said spot though. He loves his brother and sister, and he love, love, loves to torment his sister!!! He is going to keep me on my toes and I foresee ER visits in my future with this little live wire!

Daddy, Mommy, Bree, and Saw love you so much Jare!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To first my daddy, the best dad I could ask for! I love you so much Dad. Thanks for first and foremost for you Godly example to me, for raising me to Love Jesus. Thanks recently for the encouragement you have given me in my efforts to get in shape and become healthier. Oh, and for the all or nothing gene that you passed on to me :). You are also a pretty special Poppy to Bree, Jare, and Saw! You just have to be in the room and they light up and go crazy! Hope you have great day!

To my hubby! You a wonderful dad to our kiddos! I love how Bree has you wrapped tight around her finger, that you wrestle nightly with Jarrett, and how you spend time holding and talking with Sawyer everyday! You are so good at letting them know they are loved and I thank you for sacrificing and being the sole provider for our family! Love you so much!

My Father-in-Law...I really couldn't ask for a better one! Thanks for loving me like I'm your own! And for being a wonderful Papa Guy to my babies!

And last but not least to My Brother! His baby boy is in the hands of THE FATHER. And while I know there is some comfort in that, I know today is a bittersweet day for him. Sweet because he is Daddy to Jaxxon, bitter because Jaxxon was only with us on Earth a short while. I love you Brother and praying for you today. Thanks for loving my babies so much!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

All I have to say is pose...

and pose...
and pose...

and pose...

my girl loves the camera, and I think the camera loves her! We may watch way to much America's Next Top Model!

On the road to a new ME!

I began this journey mid-April, but truly got serious about it the first part of May. I have been faithful in working out almost everyday for the past month +. My accomplishments so far:

*down 18 lbs since April 7. Most of this came off at the beginning of my journey. I've only lost like 2 lbs since I got serious which is sometimes frustrating.

*I've managed to kick my Dr. Pepper habit and am proud to say I can drink half a can every now and then and not become an immediate addict again!

*my measurements are down anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 inch depending on where I measure (waist, hips, etc. )

*I can now run 3 miles when I couldn't even go 1/4 mile in the past.

* First time I ran 2 miles I had a 13.19 min pace now on a good day I can do an 11.30 minute pace. Not fast by any means but better than my first try!

I can't believe I am actually enjoying running. I never thought I'd do it again after high school! I am pumped about my first 5k July 3. I have a race in August, muddy buddy Dallas in October (super nervous about this), and I am debating a 10k in December. Oh, I'm really thankful
for my training buddy Michelle. She keeps me going some days. I'm glad we usually have our I don't want to do this sluggish days at different times. Neither of us like to be out done so we will push ourselves
to stay with whoever is having the better day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. Saw is 4 Months Old

Sawyer you are FOUR Months old today!

I have to say Mr. Saw has been the best infant out of my 3 children. He is pretty easy going until he wants a nap then he must be laid in his bed or he is not going to go to sleep easily. This is nice at home, but not when we are out and about! We recently switched formulas and he is doing much better. His daddy had a milk allergy and I guess Sawyer is following in his footsteps.

Sawyer is looking more and more like his sister everyday, but I still think he has his own look (notice the orangish, reddish tint to his hair. He has not rolled over yet but is very close, all those rolls tend to get in the way! He likes to go to bed around 7:30-8 wakes up for a quick snack at 3:00 then usually sleeps until 7. YAY!
He is my cuddly, roly poly. He loves to jibber jabber, his taggy blanket, Monkey and Mickey blanket pals, and his Bink Bink. And when he is mad, he is mad. See picture below, he was so over taking pictures!

This little guy is growing so fast. I sometimes get so wrapped up in getting through another day with 3 children that I forget to soak in every sweet moment with him, as well as with Breeana and Jarrett. I do my best and hope when they grow up they remember having fun with their momma when they were little and how much I love them all!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

When I have kids I will never...

1. Use pacifiers - FAIL

2. Use child harness leash - FAIL

3. Let my child suck their fingers - FAIL

4. Have an epidural - FAIL x3

5. Drive a mini van - FAIL

6. Let them string toys all over my house - FAIL

7. Fix them a separate dinner b/c they do not like what I made - FAIL

8. Let my daughter wear pink or have a pink room - FAIL, FAIL, FAIL

9. Allow my child in public with mismatched clothing - FAIL

10. Let my child wear character clothing - FAIL

11. Let them have a bottle after 12 months - FAIL

12. Allow them to walk around with a sippy cup hanging out in their mouth - FAIL

I'm sure there are more and more to come. I was just thinking about this today, I laughed at myself. Lesson learned try not to criticize others or say what you will or will not do until you live it :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Projects Finished, Projects Started

I am really, really good at starting projects and then taking FOREVER to finish them. I decided about 2 months ago I think to paint my laundry room. It was lavender and I really just didn't like it. Well my mom came and finished the wall for me yesterday and I painted the trim today. I went with a dark brown and decided to throw some of my animal decor out there. I love animal print and since I spend alot of time in the laundry room I wanted it to fit my taste. I still want hubby to build some shelves, cabinets, or something and I want to move the deep freeze to the garage when we make space for it. Other than that I am finished with it for now.

The curtains look purple but they are really dark brown. I want to get some giraffe with maybe some red trim curtains (might have to recruit mom to make them). My red washer and dryer just make me smile! Sad I am in love with appliances!

2 weeks ago Scott and I began Bree's loft bed project. I finally finished painting it last night. I love the space it created in her room. She loves that she has a sort of clubhouse/hideout underneath. We all love that she is finally sleeping in her own bed without to big of a fight!

And my current project:
Last night I was looking at the wallpaper in my dining room. It was grape/vineyard type stuff. I started picking at it and discovered it came off fairly easy. So I started tearing it down. Was all good when I was doing the border parts, it is already painted underneath. I was thinking man easy project. Well I got to the back wall which was full wallpaper and well it was not painted underneath, in fact it is just sheet rock. So I am at a standstill until I can convince my mom to come texture the wall for me. And since I am gonna have to paint, I think I am gonna paint the red part a new fresh color too. I thinking a blueish, greenish color. I'll post pictures when I complete it. This is how it looks as of now, hopefully it will be finished before to many month pass by!

On a side note I still haven't finished our kitchen make over. I need to paint the cabinets...yuck, maybe before next year!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Bree and I had a little photo shoot today. I am going to attempt to edit a little later tonight or tomorrow, but she is so beautiful I had to post them as they are today! She had fun she loves the camera!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

VBS, Liquid Gold, and a conquered goal!

VBS week is over. I had lots of fun working with the pre-kers again this year. They are funny, sweet, ornery, and interesting all rolled into one. Breeana got to attend this year. She enjoyed herself, but by Thursday was asking me, do we have to do this everyday. I'm thinking the school year might be challenging.

This week Sawyer also became extremely fussy and was crying like he was in pain. He fussed and cried through most of his feedings as well. I broke down and got him a doc appointment for Friday and took him in. Doctor K thinks may have a milk allergy (explains the fussiness, slight eczema, and xtreme gassiness he has). He suggested a formula change and now Saw is downing liquid gold aka allimemtum formula. I'm supposed to give the formula a few days and if he doesn't improve we will try giving him Zantac. He's had about 4 bottles of the new stuff and already seems so much better. We go back the 21st for his 4 month and we will see where to go from here.

I set out a couple weeks ago on my road to a new me adventure with the goal of running 1.7 miles by June 15. I have already conquered that goal. I went 2 miles last night in 27 minutes. Would like to get faster, buy I am proud of myself. New goal 3.1 miles by June 15 and my first 5k July 4th weekend!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the road to a new ME!

About 2 months ago my mom convinced me to start walking. I barely made it around the walking trail that day. I was SLOW and very winded when we were done. We did this a couple days and then mom was gone for two weeks. When she got back she would text me every morning the dreaded "are we walking" text and I would reluctantly agree
to go.

I worked my way up to 4 miles (not without a bunch of whining and griping to my mom) and mom would mention running. I told her I will walk but I refuse to run, it's just not in me and I won't do it! Well, a couple weeks ago while walking I saw my friend Michelle leaving the trail. When we got home I Facebooked her to see if she walked alone and if she would like to join us.

Anyway, she said yes and now I am doing what I said I'd never do. I ran 1.7 miles
today and I have plans to run a 5k in August and Michelle and I are going to attempt
Muddy Buddy in Dallas this October.

I'm still slow but I am on the road to a new ME and I love it!