Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. Saw is 4 Months Old

Sawyer you are FOUR Months old today!

I have to say Mr. Saw has been the best infant out of my 3 children. He is pretty easy going until he wants a nap then he must be laid in his bed or he is not going to go to sleep easily. This is nice at home, but not when we are out and about! We recently switched formulas and he is doing much better. His daddy had a milk allergy and I guess Sawyer is following in his footsteps.

Sawyer is looking more and more like his sister everyday, but I still think he has his own look (notice the orangish, reddish tint to his hair. He has not rolled over yet but is very close, all those rolls tend to get in the way! He likes to go to bed around 7:30-8 wakes up for a quick snack at 3:00 then usually sleeps until 7. YAY!
He is my cuddly, roly poly. He loves to jibber jabber, his taggy blanket, Monkey and Mickey blanket pals, and his Bink Bink. And when he is mad, he is mad. See picture below, he was so over taking pictures!

This little guy is growing so fast. I sometimes get so wrapped up in getting through another day with 3 children that I forget to soak in every sweet moment with him, as well as with Breeana and Jarrett. I do my best and hope when they grow up they remember having fun with their momma when they were little and how much I love them all!


Robin said...

Too cute. I miss him and all of you.

Dawn said...

He's so cute and you're such a sweet mom!