Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To first my daddy, the best dad I could ask for! I love you so much Dad. Thanks for first and foremost for you Godly example to me, for raising me to Love Jesus. Thanks recently for the encouragement you have given me in my efforts to get in shape and become healthier. Oh, and for the all or nothing gene that you passed on to me :). You are also a pretty special Poppy to Bree, Jare, and Saw! You just have to be in the room and they light up and go crazy! Hope you have great day!

To my hubby! You a wonderful dad to our kiddos! I love how Bree has you wrapped tight around her finger, that you wrestle nightly with Jarrett, and how you spend time holding and talking with Sawyer everyday! You are so good at letting them know they are loved and I thank you for sacrificing and being the sole provider for our family! Love you so much!

My Father-in-Law...I really couldn't ask for a better one! Thanks for loving me like I'm your own! And for being a wonderful Papa Guy to my babies!

And last but not least to My Brother! His baby boy is in the hands of THE FATHER. And while I know there is some comfort in that, I know today is a bittersweet day for him. Sweet because he is Daddy to Jaxxon, bitter because Jaxxon was only with us on Earth a short while. I love you Brother and praying for you today. Thanks for loving my babies so much!

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Go For It! said...

I just now found this and... my eyes took a shower.

I love you!