Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Awana Awards Night

Awana's has come to a close once again. Breeana successfully competed the Cubbies program. Most Wednesday's she would beg not to go, but always had fun once we got there. Tonight her group sang a couple songs and received their awards.

I directed our Puggles group at church with the help of my friend Amanda. We had it pretty easy this year, only 3 boys in our class Ben, Graydon, and Gage. Tonight 1 out of the 3 preformed the song and said his parts, that would be Ben. Graydon and Gage followed in Carter Reid's footsteps by not saying a word yet happily accepting their awards and candy!

Can't say that I'm looking forward to next year. We will have the dynamic duo of Jarrett and Cole plus a few more ornery boys I think. Should be interesting!!!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pictures by Brandy

Remember those pictures I said Brandy took for us on Friday??? Here they are!!! I love them!!

Easter Sunday & The Final Hunt

Scott and I had 11, yes 11 wild 2 year olds in Sunday School this morning. We can always expect visitors on Easter Sunday. But, today 8 out of 11 were our regular kids!!! We have a big class and I love it (ok sometimes I get overwhelmed, but I love it most of the time!).
Here's 9 of the 11 the last 2 came a little late.

We got to sit as a big family for worship service and afterward were able to get a much needed updated family picture! Thanks Brandy!!

After church we stuffed our faces and then Shane and Tyrel hid bunches of eggs for Bree, Jare, Saw, and Graydon to find.

Sadly Shane, Ash, and Huck went back home today. I'll see Ash this weekend at the OKC marathon though!

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Egg Hunt & Miss Woodward

We attended the Easter Eggstravaganza today. It was a bit chilly and windy, but the kids must hunt (pick up from a grassy area) Easter eggs!

Jarrett was a bit disappointed that all the eggs were empty. Apparently there were some money eggs out there. Bree and Jar didn't find them. Instead of putting candy in the eggs we turned in the eggs gathered for a bag of goodies.

We attempted a group picture. The plan, Scott snap a picture of Ash, the kids, and I. The Ash would take our picture with Scott. We abandoned the plan after 3 tries. The wind was in our face, and my eyes wouldn't stay open. I guess I wear sunglasses so much, and I forgot them today, that my eyes are really sensitive. Anyway, this is a good as it gets!

Mr. Jarrett got a bit cranky and uncooperative at times so daddy had to do some "holding".

A firetruck and life flight helicopter were there for the kids to see and sit in. Bree was unsure of sitting in the firetruck but after seeing the few kids in front of us get candy afterwards she hopped right in!

Jarrett is in an airplane helicopter phase, so he LOVED the chopper! He said "tan you shut da door, and go for ride, tan you?" Breeana went on a field trip to see this helicopter back in the fall. She wouldn't sit in it then, I guess having little brother with her made her more brave:)

We had nachos, played on a slide, and hung around to see if we would win a door prize. We didn't, but we had fun! Jarrett was asleep in the car after only a couple minutes!

***Sawyer wanted to stay with his Nonny during the hunt. He will hunt eggs tomorrow for the very first time!

Bree has been waiting for Miss Woodward all week. Our friend Becca was a contestant this year. Here we are waiting for the pageant to start (that's not a binky in Bree's mouth, Ashley had just given her some kazoo, whistle toy).

Mom and Me!

Becca did a great job and looked beautiful. She didn't win, but according to Bree she should have been the winner!

Bree was really good during the 3 HOUR pageant. A couple of her comments...

The MC said "so and so will be doing American Sign Language to whatever song it was" Bree said "I don't know that language mom!"

After a Tumble Dance, "whoa she did back flips and running cartwheels...whoa"

Oh, and she says when she is 13 she will wear fake nails and be Miss Woodward!

Tomorrow we celebrate our Risen Savior! I can't wait to spend the morning with my 2 year olds, then worship service, followed by lunch with some family and friends!!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Eating, Pictures, Shopping, Dying Eggs

Today has been so busy and we won't me slowing down until Sunday afternoon.

My day started at 6 with the boys wide awake. Brandy text me at 8 to see if Bree wanted to go to an egg hunt. So at 10 Bree left to hunt eggs, Ashley went to visit library friends. I stayed home and got dressed and did some cleaning. The craziness started at 11:30.

We met at Playa Azul for lunch. Then drug Brandy and Graydon to the field station with us so Brandy could take some pictures of my kiddos.

Here are a few I got with my IPhone. I'll share the rest after Brandy edits and tweaks them!

For fun we had Bree take a few pics of the "big girls". Her hand slightly ended up in most and had to be cropped out. So we took matters into our own hands and took a few. Top on our own, bottom Bree's handy work after a little cropping

After all the photo taking we treated ourselves to ice-cream then headed home for a small rest and nap time.

After nap Ash and I braved Cato with all my 3. Each had more than one fit/crying episode, so we called it quits in Cato, grabbed Arby's for dinner and headed home to dye Easter eggs.

We all had fun dying eggs, all 4 dozen and several were eaten as well!

And now we are exhausted!!!!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pre/K Field Trip - Boiling Springs

Ashley, Jarrett, Sawyer, and I accompanied Bree on her field trip today.

The kids all played hard. It was freezing out but as long as they kept moving they stayed warmed up!

Easter egg hunting,



Face painting,

Bubble popping,

And nature walking were on the agenda.

After today I am even more thankful for preschool teachers! I don't know how they patiently (for the most part) handle a big group of 4/5 year olds 5 days a week. I had my fill after a couple hours! It was a fun day and I'm way happy Ashley was here to go with me!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011


We had a fun weekend in Glenpool. The kiddos got lots of playtime in with there cousins. I got some shopping in, got my Easter dress and I absolutely love it! The best part...the price! I got the dress and new dress shoes for $40, regular price would have been $100!

Kimmy absolutely loves Sawyer. She likes him to be wherever she is. It's pretty cute! Jarrett and Ryan actually played together this trip and as usual Kim and Bree were inseparable!

They only thing I don't like is the drive home. We are all just tired and ready to be home. Atleast there are plenty of stopping spits for when Jare has to pee :)

We also made a pitstop at Freddy's Custard for some ice cream. It was so yummy! I'll have to workout double time this week to burn off all I ate this weekend to still fit my new dress on Sunday!

Lot's going on in the next week.

-Shane and Ash are coming Tuesday night
-Bree's field trip on Thursday.
-Taking kids Easter pictures on Friday.
-And last Easter dinner and egg hunt with family and friends.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan!

We celebrated my nephew Ryan's 3rd birthday today. He's the cutie in the gray cars shirt.

His party was at a Bouncy Barn. There were 4 big inflatable bouncers for the kids to play on. Bree was a blur in almost every picture I "tried" to take of her.

Sawyer went crazy and squealed with happiness the entire time, until we were not allowed to bounce anymore, then he was ticked!

Jarrett was timid at first. He doesn't care for loud noises and the blowers for the bouncers scared him at first. He quickly became a blur in pictures as well!

My best picture of all 5 cousins playing together!

The Birthday Boy getting his cupcake first :)

I have only one picture after this one...

Sawyer wanting to leave!

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