Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This guy turned 4 yesterday.

He's a pretty special little boy.

Goofy, loving, wild, loud, sweet, middle child, lover of orange much to his father's dismay.

Today at the doctor's office for his 4 year checkup he had the nurses rolling with his antics! He hasn't been to the doctor feeling well since he was 2 and he showed off so much.

He got 4 shots and after it was done with tear filled eyes he looked at me and said "I don't wanna do that never ever never again!".

I love this boy so much and can't wait to for what he puts me through in the 363 days before he turns 5. I do know the days will not be boring!!

Happy 4th Birthday Jare Bear!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old to New, New to Us, and New

My friend Michelle is a Pinterest girl. She gets lots of ideas from there, it seemed overwhelming to me the first time I checked it out and I didn't go back. She showed me this art gallery display for kids art with multi color frames with cork board inside and art pinned to it. Then I saw this when I decided to take another look at pinterest.

I liked this idea and had some frames I wasn't really using so decided to give it a try. I was only going to do purple frames but Michelle mentioned doing a few colors. I wanted to do the kids photos but I didn't have any I liked in the right sizes printed. I'm a little impatient so I just put art in my frames until I get the photos I want. Here is a bad picture of what I did.

The table is New to me. I found it at an estate sale Michelle and I ventured to Friday morning. Chad and Scott went and got it Saturday, moved it in and my parents table out. They will be taking theirs from me soon so I couldn't pass up this one for $300. I'm going to recover the cushions when I find the perfect fabric.

When we went to pick up my table. Michelle spotted this one. I've been wanting a small table for the play room for doing art and stuff. This one was only $10! A little chalk board paint on top and spray paint on the bottom should spruce it right up! Now I just need to find chairs!

Another project I've been tackling this last week is turning my dresser I got when I graduated into a TV stand/entertainment center. Again got the idea from Michelle, not sure I'd think of anything without her! Scott was skeptical at first when i told him my plan. Top picture is before, well midway. It did have drawers up top too, but Scott worked his magic and made shelves for me.

I love how it turned out!

We also put up a new fence section Saturday. I say we, but Scott did most of the work. I supervised from the shade.

The boys played in the water.

Anyway, here's the section he made pretty. Now I just have to trim up that ugly tree, and work on planting and mulching around it or something.

This week I hope to work on that little table for my playroom and in a couple weeks Michelle and I will be glazing my kitchen cabinets! Can't wait to get that done!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Little Getaway

Scott and I decided several days ago to use some of the hotel points he earns staying out of town for work and take the kids to OKC. I've been wanting to take them to the Bricktown Hampton for awhile now, but didn't want to pay the $150 + for a room. Free is a great price so we went Friday to OKC. There is a pretty neat swimming area at the hotel the kids loved!

My parents met up with us for dinner and a trip to Bass Pro.

Sawyer wants one of these pretty bad! Maybe someday.

Saturday we headed to the Omniplex. Nonny and Poppy said they weren't going. Then changed their minds and showed up. Bree told them they tricked us. Jar said they aren't supposed to lie! I think my dad may have enjoyed it more than the kids, but he will never admit it!

I had never been to the omniplex but we will go back. Was a lot of fun and the kids bounced from one area to another so fast we didn't see everything.

One if my favorite parts of the day:

There is this exhibit with 4 pulleys and ropes connecting to a hook. The idea 4 people control the pulleys and try to hook on to a block. Mom, Dad, Scott, and I were trying to do it. Well Jarrett was wanting to go upstairs and getting a bit impatient. He watched us and figured out what we are trying to do, crawled under the railings grabbed the hook, hooked the block and says there lets go upstairs! Mighta had to be there but we thought it pretty funny.

After the Ombiplex mom and dad headed to Paden. We took the kids to ToysRUs. That was a bit overwhelming!!! Then we had to have ice cream of course!

All in all was a super fun trip. I love that the kiddos are getting old enough to really have fun. I so enjoyed not lugging around a diaper bag or stroller!

The absolute best part. The boys are totally worn out!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Country Livin'

With Nane and Ash, Jaxxi too!

We've played hard the past few days. I've never seen a bathtub so full of dirt and four little cuties!

We colored, ate, played outside,

sprinkler parked, and rolled in the dirt!

Shane brought out the 22 on Monday evening and we all had fun shooting. I must say I think this was my first time to "shoot guns" and I come from a gun shooting deer hunting family!

Maybe I'm more cut out for country life than I thought. While I don't intend to start deer hunting anytime soon I have decided I'd love to live "in the middle of no where" as jar would say. So peaceful. Think I need some land and a tractor! I'll talk to Scott about that!

Oh and did I mention I love this silly, ornery, beautiful, curly headed girl like crazy!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Lake with Mema & PaPa 2012

In pictures!

Mom take our pictures on these rocks.

Always posing!

Attempts at a group picture, failed.

Playground fun!

In the water.

Relaxing at the campsite.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

VBS 2012

Vacation Bible School was last week at our church.

I helped teach the pre-k group. We averaged 19 kids and 4 teachers. We had so much fun!

Bree went to the kindergarten class this year. Her cousin Kim was here for the first day, but then decided she wanted to go home!

Jarrett was technically in the nursery, but Mrs. Karen did lessons and activities with the older kids.

He had so much fun and was ready to go back each day. He talked about what they did so much!

Sawyer was supposed to stay with my mom, but my brother ended up sick and bouncing from er to er. So she was taking him to doctors etc. and we still don't know what is wrong. That's another post!

Saw had fun to and did well in big boy underwear without mommy. He must of wore himself out because on Friday he napped most of the time he was there.

Was a fun week, but I'm happy I have a year before we do it all again!