Sunday, June 3, 2012

VBS 2012

Vacation Bible School was last week at our church.

I helped teach the pre-k group. We averaged 19 kids and 4 teachers. We had so much fun!

Bree went to the kindergarten class this year. Her cousin Kim was here for the first day, but then decided she wanted to go home!

Jarrett was technically in the nursery, but Mrs. Karen did lessons and activities with the older kids.

He had so much fun and was ready to go back each day. He talked about what they did so much!

Sawyer was supposed to stay with my mom, but my brother ended up sick and bouncing from er to er. So she was taking him to doctors etc. and we still don't know what is wrong. That's another post!

Saw had fun to and did well in big boy underwear without mommy. He must of wore himself out because on Friday he napped most of the time he was there.

Was a fun week, but I'm happy I have a year before we do it all again!

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