Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old to New, New to Us, and New

My friend Michelle is a Pinterest girl. She gets lots of ideas from there, it seemed overwhelming to me the first time I checked it out and I didn't go back. She showed me this art gallery display for kids art with multi color frames with cork board inside and art pinned to it. Then I saw this when I decided to take another look at pinterest.

I liked this idea and had some frames I wasn't really using so decided to give it a try. I was only going to do purple frames but Michelle mentioned doing a few colors. I wanted to do the kids photos but I didn't have any I liked in the right sizes printed. I'm a little impatient so I just put art in my frames until I get the photos I want. Here is a bad picture of what I did.

The table is New to me. I found it at an estate sale Michelle and I ventured to Friday morning. Chad and Scott went and got it Saturday, moved it in and my parents table out. They will be taking theirs from me soon so I couldn't pass up this one for $300. I'm going to recover the cushions when I find the perfect fabric.

When we went to pick up my table. Michelle spotted this one. I've been wanting a small table for the play room for doing art and stuff. This one was only $10! A little chalk board paint on top and spray paint on the bottom should spruce it right up! Now I just need to find chairs!

Another project I've been tackling this last week is turning my dresser I got when I graduated into a TV stand/entertainment center. Again got the idea from Michelle, not sure I'd think of anything without her! Scott was skeptical at first when i told him my plan. Top picture is before, well midway. It did have drawers up top too, but Scott worked his magic and made shelves for me.

I love how it turned out!

We also put up a new fence section Saturday. I say we, but Scott did most of the work. I supervised from the shade.

The boys played in the water.

Anyway, here's the section he made pretty. Now I just have to trim up that ugly tree, and work on planting and mulching around it or something.

This week I hope to work on that little table for my playroom and in a couple weeks Michelle and I will be glazing my kitchen cabinets! Can't wait to get that done!

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Dawn Castor said...

All that stuff looks great! I keep buying stuff 'to do' and it's piling up. I'd better get busy, like you!