Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Country Livin'

With Nane and Ash, Jaxxi too!

We've played hard the past few days. I've never seen a bathtub so full of dirt and four little cuties!

We colored, ate, played outside,

sprinkler parked, and rolled in the dirt!

Shane brought out the 22 on Monday evening and we all had fun shooting. I must say I think this was my first time to "shoot guns" and I come from a gun shooting deer hunting family!

Maybe I'm more cut out for country life than I thought. While I don't intend to start deer hunting anytime soon I have decided I'd love to live "in the middle of no where" as jar would say. So peaceful. Think I need some land and a tractor! I'll talk to Scott about that!

Oh and did I mention I love this silly, ornery, beautiful, curly headed girl like crazy!!!!!

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