Friday, July 29, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby, Wedding, Movies, Party

We went to my in-laws this weekend for several activities. I got to keep Miss Jaxxi Saturday morning while Shane and Ash were getting ready for Ashley's sisters wedding. I think Jaxxi was pretty popular with the big girls!

Kassie's wedding was beautiful and entertaining. Her grandpa did her ceremony and he was so funny, the groom also added some comedy to the ceremony. Ashley sang so pretty and Shane was a handsome usher.

I decided to play dress up since it was an evening wedding and I rarely get to dress kinda fancy anymore. I got the dress really cheap and I'll need it when Scott and I cruise next year! Isn't my brother handsome!?!?

The reception was fun. Brandy traveled with me to go to the wedding. She wanted to go and Tyrel wasn't real interested in attending a wedding. I wasn't sure Scott would be off work to go and he really didn't want to. Judging by pictures we left the reception before the crazy fun began!

Sunday morning we took the kids to see Cars2. I think I laughed more than anyone!! Jarrett really liked it, Bree didn't wanna sit still. Oh all 9 of us got in free because the opening manager was REALLY late to work so the employees couldn't sale tickets. I think the manager showed up about 5 minutes before our movie was to start. I splurged on the kids popcorn meals for Bree and Jare since the movie was free!

Sunday afternoon we went to my niece Kimmy's birthday party. It was at a little indoor swim place for kids. I think the deepest part of the pool was about 3 feet so the kids loved it. Jarrett went down this slide a million times. He experimented ways to go down it. He is entering for a head first on his back approach in this picture!

This was the "deep" end of the pool. They loved these floating disc they could jump/walk across.

Here's the Birthday Girl shooting her friends with the water cannon. I think I was her favorite target!

I left Bree and Jarrett with MeMa and PaPa for a few days. It's been quite around here just hanging out with Mr. Saw.

We get them back tomorrow so it'll be back to normal. Jaxxi Mae is coming to see us this weekend!!!! (and Ashley too, sorry you take a back seat in life now!)

Oh and I got this in the mail yesterday.

Now if I pass out while running and someone finds my body they will know who to call :) If your a runner and interested check out they have pet id's too.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Running Wish List

Think I may have to find a part time job :)

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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm not much for reading books. I read blogs, Facebook, online articles. I know I'm a little or maybe a lot behind, but I discovered the kindle app on my phone a few days ago.

I know some of you love the smell, feel of the pages of books, Ashley & Dawn, and to an extent I do too. I don't like looking for the book when I want to read, try and figure out where I was when Bree removes my bookmark, or wet pages from Sawyer thinking it would make a good snack!

My iphone I almost always know where it is. The app holds all my books, opens them to the last page I was reading, and Sawyer can't try to eat them. He does occasionally chew my phone though.

Since my discovery I am in the middle of 3 books and loving reading any time I get a few seconds.

My current selections and why:

This book was mentioned on a site follow on FB, dailymile. I've become slightly addicted to running so why not read about something I love. It's been great so far and changes my perspective on a few things, just ask Michelle!

I happened to stumble across this title when I was searching for something else, can't remember what. I tend to get stuck in Martha mode hoping this helps me channel my inner Mary.

This one I chose today. Today has been challenging for me. Jarrett was in a horrible mood and taking it out on all around him. I didn't respond well and this evening I was in tears and wondering what I'm doing wrong. I've had many similar days in the past month. Scott's been away with work a lot and I've been overwhelmed. I think we all have "I'm a terrible mom moments". If you don't, what's your secret? I've been having more days when I've felt like a bad mom than a good one. Mostly because all 3 kids are testing boundaries lately and I'm at a loss at how to handle them. No tactic I use works and I end up mad and raising my voice more than I want/need to. So I searched James Dobson to see what books were available. I considered The Strong Willed Child, which I have in print form, but opted for this book.

Just in the first 3 chapters I have been enlightened and encouraged. I'm not doing everything wrong, just need to tweak something's here and there. Only reading 1/4 of this book I recommend it to all parents or parents to be. Kinda wish I had read it like 5 years ago!

Anyway that's what I'm reading and I may be asking got a real Kindle for Christmas. I'd probably loose it...maybe I need and IPAD!!!

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Hot Lava

Apparently the boys floor is made up of hot lava.

So a bridge was necessary

to get from Sawyers bed to my room.

Sawyer must just be tough because he goes where he wants.

No bridge needed!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Scott was off work today. I got to run early while he slept in with the kiddos. Then we made a trip Walmart to stock up for the next week.

Scott also let me get a small nap in while Sawyer napped.

My mom cooked us dinner and we went out to their house to swim. I posted a video of Jarrett in Facebook, they will never upload to my blog right.

Sawyer only swims for a bit.

He prefers playing in the gravel.

Uncle Nane showed up tonight. The kids were so excited. They love Nane. The begged and pleaded for him to swim too and he jumped in for them.

Bree and Poppy always swim the longest. She had Poppy wear her goggles tonight!

Jarrett wore himself out in the pool. He was asleep before we got home.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

6 AM...

I had a hard time going to sleep last night. Little did I know my lovelies would wake for the day at 6:00 am this morning. They have been sleeping until 9!

I tried to convince them to watch some cartoons, but we ended up at the dining room table coloring.

I think the ate breakfast 2 maybe 3 times. I'm ok with early mornings usually but after a couple weeks of late morning, I'm out of the habit.

We headed out to swim around 10:30, we made a pit stop at sonic for a little Dr Pepper pick me up!

We swam and played on the cars, then came home ate lunch and Sawyer napped. The other two not so much. So they played cars and I sorted and folded laundry. That laundry is still in laundry baskets, but of is folded.

After nap we had a snack them jumped in the van to go feed Brandy's dogs and make a trip to Atwoods. I was going to purchase a bark collar for Dozer, bug they are like $65 and we hope to send him to a boarding/training facility for 3 weeks in August. I decided that's not far away and I didn't need to spend the money.

It "cooled" down enough (not really) to play outside this evening and our neighbor friends came over to join us.

Pizza was on tonight's menu, I didn't have the energy go cook!

Bree did mine and Jarrett's make up. It was one of her I dong wanna go to bed stall tactics.

I finally got them to sleep around 9:00-9:20 and was able to shampoo the living room carpets, read a couple chapters of this book on my iPhone kindle app,

And watch a little Big Brother and SYTYCD. Now I'm off to bed at midnight!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

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