Thursday, July 14, 2011

6 AM...

I had a hard time going to sleep last night. Little did I know my lovelies would wake for the day at 6:00 am this morning. They have been sleeping until 9!

I tried to convince them to watch some cartoons, but we ended up at the dining room table coloring.

I think the ate breakfast 2 maybe 3 times. I'm ok with early mornings usually but after a couple weeks of late morning, I'm out of the habit.

We headed out to swim around 10:30, we made a pit stop at sonic for a little Dr Pepper pick me up!

We swam and played on the cars, then came home ate lunch and Sawyer napped. The other two not so much. So they played cars and I sorted and folded laundry. That laundry is still in laundry baskets, but of is folded.

After nap we had a snack them jumped in the van to go feed Brandy's dogs and make a trip to Atwoods. I was going to purchase a bark collar for Dozer, bug they are like $65 and we hope to send him to a boarding/training facility for 3 weeks in August. I decided that's not far away and I didn't need to spend the money.

It "cooled" down enough (not really) to play outside this evening and our neighbor friends came over to join us.

Pizza was on tonight's menu, I didn't have the energy go cook!

Bree did mine and Jarrett's make up. It was one of her I dong wanna go to bed stall tactics.

I finally got them to sleep around 9:00-9:20 and was able to shampoo the living room carpets, read a couple chapters of this book on my iPhone kindle app,

And watch a little Big Brother and SYTYCD. Now I'm off to bed at midnight!
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Ashley said...

You were busy today! I hope missy poo always sleeps till 9! I can dream cant I :)