Saturday, July 16, 2011


Scott was off work today. I got to run early while he slept in with the kiddos. Then we made a trip Walmart to stock up for the next week.

Scott also let me get a small nap in while Sawyer napped.

My mom cooked us dinner and we went out to their house to swim. I posted a video of Jarrett in Facebook, they will never upload to my blog right.

Sawyer only swims for a bit.

He prefers playing in the gravel.

Uncle Nane showed up tonight. The kids were so excited. They love Nane. The begged and pleaded for him to swim too and he jumped in for them.

Bree and Poppy always swim the longest. She had Poppy wear her goggles tonight!

Jarrett wore himself out in the pool. He was asleep before we got home.

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