Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby, Wedding, Movies, Party

We went to my in-laws this weekend for several activities. I got to keep Miss Jaxxi Saturday morning while Shane and Ash were getting ready for Ashley's sisters wedding. I think Jaxxi was pretty popular with the big girls!

Kassie's wedding was beautiful and entertaining. Her grandpa did her ceremony and he was so funny, the groom also added some comedy to the ceremony. Ashley sang so pretty and Shane was a handsome usher.

I decided to play dress up since it was an evening wedding and I rarely get to dress kinda fancy anymore. I got the dress really cheap and I'll need it when Scott and I cruise next year! Isn't my brother handsome!?!?

The reception was fun. Brandy traveled with me to go to the wedding. She wanted to go and Tyrel wasn't real interested in attending a wedding. I wasn't sure Scott would be off work to go and he really didn't want to. Judging by pictures we left the reception before the crazy fun began!

Sunday morning we took the kids to see Cars2. I think I laughed more than anyone!! Jarrett really liked it, Bree didn't wanna sit still. Oh all 9 of us got in free because the opening manager was REALLY late to work so the employees couldn't sale tickets. I think the manager showed up about 5 minutes before our movie was to start. I splurged on the kids popcorn meals for Bree and Jare since the movie was free!

Sunday afternoon we went to my niece Kimmy's birthday party. It was at a little indoor swim place for kids. I think the deepest part of the pool was about 3 feet so the kids loved it. Jarrett went down this slide a million times. He experimented ways to go down it. He is entering for a head first on his back approach in this picture!

This was the "deep" end of the pool. They loved these floating disc they could jump/walk across.

Here's the Birthday Girl shooting her friends with the water cannon. I think I was her favorite target!

I left Bree and Jarrett with MeMa and PaPa for a few days. It's been quite around here just hanging out with Mr. Saw.

We get them back tomorrow so it'll be back to normal. Jaxxi Mae is coming to see us this weekend!!!! (and Ashley too, sorry you take a back seat in life now!)

Oh and I got this in the mail yesterday.

Now if I pass out while running and someone finds my body they will know who to call :) If your a runner and interested check out RoadID.com they have pet id's too.
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Hilary said...

So happy for your family about Jaxxi. I'm sure you all are enjoying her. You look GREAT by the way!! Love your dress.

Ashley said...

I'm so glad you guys got to come! I didn't get one pic with my handsome husband :(