Thursday, September 30, 2010

I love teaching 2 year olds!

Cole from my 2 year old Sunday school class gave me this flower at church Wednesday. How did he know my favorite flower! Melt my heart :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bree's Big Girl Room

I posted awhile back that we had made Bree a loft bed. Well that didn't exactly work out to well. She slept there a couple nights then decided she was scared.

A couple weeks ago Marla Hawthorn posted on facebook that she was selling her daughter's bedroom furniture and accessories. I talked with her about it and decided against spending the money at the time. I have been kicking myself ever since so this weekend I called her and she still had the stuff. Scott and my dad picked it up Saturday for me. I'm happy to report that Bree has slept in her room the past three nights! I did have to take her back when she came to our room but we are making progress.

I still have a couple shelves to hang and valances above the curtains that Scott needs to put up. I love her room and I think Shane and Ashley as well as Scotts parents will appreciate a decent bed to sleep in when they visit!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the road to a new ME *update*

I guess it's time for an update to my journey. I was looking back at my previous post and although it doesn't feel like it most days, I have come a long way. However, I have so many more goals and such that I want to achieve!

Since mid-April I have lost around 22-24 lbs. That seems like a lot but it has been almost 6 months, and about 15 of that was Sawyer baby weight!

I've started jogging with the boys in the stroller. Today I conquered 3 miles with them! They ride so well, my little training buddies!

In my previous post I stated my mile pace was now around 11:30. I can run 2 miles in around 22-23 minutes but discovered I had nothing left to go anymore after that. So now I have dropped to a 13-13:30 pace and am really working on distance and endurance instead of speed. (yes my mother told me to do this from the start, but I'm stubborn and didn't listen!).

I teach puggles in Awana. We do this animal song where you hop around and stuff. In the past I would be winded half way through. Even when I lost weight before Jarrett (without exercise, I used diet pills) I couldn't finish the song. Last week I had so much fun with my puggles and felt so good to be able to jump around with them and still BREATHE!

I don't hate the bike as much as I used too. Still not sure we will be best friends anytime soon. But I can tolerate it. I did realize there is a big difference on a ok bike (walmart) and one that a little more money went into! I won't be buying myself a Walmart bike that's forsure!

Another plus, I've started building a better friendship with my training partner. Not sure I would go most days if she wasn't going with me! I enjoy our conversations and really think our boys will be good friends as they grow up.

The weight loss results are slow, but I am enjoying myself and look forward to what my achievements will look like in 6 more months. Maybe,big MAYBE, I'll post before and after pictures on that post!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sawyer Firsts

Mr. Saw's first tooth popped through today! He smiles every time I try to look at or feel of it, but wouldn't let me get a picture of it. He's been smacking his gums together since the tooth came. He looks so silly!

This morning he was worming his way toward me babbling maaama maaama. I didn't think much of it, but he has done it several more times today always headed toward me! So happy one of my kids said mama before dada!

He also said baba and started fussing when I was making him a bottle this afternoon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Internet is back! (randomly)

Our Internet, modem, something has been messed up lately. Scott finally call ATT last night and got it working. He has to call again tonight because it goes online and offline randomly! Anyway, that is my excuse for lack of blogging.

Bree is still doing well in school. She missed 2 days this week due to fever and throat infection. The teacher gave us a weekly list of what the learn so we did school at home those two days. We are working on her attitude! She has recently started to back talk a lot, stomp her foot at me, and raises her voice often. Fun Stuff NOT!

She made the a tie for her daddy and made him tape it to his shirt :)

Jare is ornery as ever. He loves to wrestle ALL DAY! He has really started communicating with me since Bree is in school. I love that he is saying 4 and 5 word sentences now. My least favorite phrase right now though is "I scared of potty mom". He did so well with potty training for a couple weeks then took several steps back :(. I'm giving him a month then we will be back at it again!

Sawyer is growing and growing! He is 7 months now! Has the cutest gummy grin ever and smile 99% of the time. He is army crawling, rolling,and rocks on his hands and knees. He can sit up for several minutes but falls over often. Oh, he is madly in love with his big sister. He gets giddy when she's around.

I think that catches up on everything!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sawyer's New Trick

Sawyer has been getting up on his hands and knees and rocking these days. Apparently it's so much fun that he's up at 2 am practicing today! He will be crawling very soon!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

School Week 2


This weeks color is RED! Just happens to be Bree's favorite color! We got a packet today telling everything that will be learned in September. Should be fun :)


Stoplights were the topic I think. Bree says she had no trouble making these because she already knows about them! Not sure why my picture is upside down but I'm not retaking it!


Going in this morning...she's so grown up with her backpack! She was ready to go this morning. She says they had a fire drill today and had to go watch a movie in another classroom because theirs was to hot.


Bree was so excited when she got in the car. She wanted to dig through her backpack immediately, usually she just throws it at me. I soon found out it was because the Firemen, Policemen, and EMTs had visited them at school and gave them lots of goodies! She told me all about it all the way to Seiling. I drove her and dad there to meet my mom and they headed to Paden to see Nane and Ash. The boys and I were supposed to go too, but as usual Scott's work schedule got changed so my plans did to.


Yes, Bree skipped school today to go with my mom and dad!