Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bree's Big Girl Room

I posted awhile back that we had made Bree a loft bed. Well that didn't exactly work out to well. She slept there a couple nights then decided she was scared.

A couple weeks ago Marla Hawthorn posted on facebook that she was selling her daughter's bedroom furniture and accessories. I talked with her about it and decided against spending the money at the time. I have been kicking myself ever since so this weekend I called her and she still had the stuff. Scott and my dad picked it up Saturday for me. I'm happy to report that Bree has slept in her room the past three nights! I did have to take her back when she came to our room but we are making progress.

I still have a couple shelves to hang and valances above the curtains that Scott needs to put up. I love her room and I think Shane and Ashley as well as Scotts parents will appreciate a decent bed to sleep in when they visit!


Kara said...

What did you do with the loft bed? The room looks great!

Dawn said...

That is all so cute!