Friday, September 3, 2010

School Week 2


This weeks color is RED! Just happens to be Bree's favorite color! We got a packet today telling everything that will be learned in September. Should be fun :)


Stoplights were the topic I think. Bree says she had no trouble making these because she already knows about them! Not sure why my picture is upside down but I'm not retaking it!


Going in this morning...she's so grown up with her backpack! She was ready to go this morning. She says they had a fire drill today and had to go watch a movie in another classroom because theirs was to hot.


Bree was so excited when she got in the car. She wanted to dig through her backpack immediately, usually she just throws it at me. I soon found out it was because the Firemen, Policemen, and EMTs had visited them at school and gave them lots of goodies! She told me all about it all the way to Seiling. I drove her and dad there to meet my mom and they headed to Paden to see Nane and Ash. The boys and I were supposed to go too, but as usual Scott's work schedule got changed so my plans did to.


Yes, Bree skipped school today to go with my mom and dad!

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