Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the road to a new ME *update*

I guess it's time for an update to my journey. I was looking back at my previous post and although it doesn't feel like it most days, I have come a long way. However, I have so many more goals and such that I want to achieve!

Since mid-April I have lost around 22-24 lbs. That seems like a lot but it has been almost 6 months, and about 15 of that was Sawyer baby weight!

I've started jogging with the boys in the stroller. Today I conquered 3 miles with them! They ride so well, my little training buddies!

In my previous post I stated my mile pace was now around 11:30. I can run 2 miles in around 22-23 minutes but discovered I had nothing left to go anymore after that. So now I have dropped to a 13-13:30 pace and am really working on distance and endurance instead of speed. (yes my mother told me to do this from the start, but I'm stubborn and didn't listen!).

I teach puggles in Awana. We do this animal song where you hop around and stuff. In the past I would be winded half way through. Even when I lost weight before Jarrett (without exercise, I used diet pills) I couldn't finish the song. Last week I had so much fun with my puggles and felt so good to be able to jump around with them and still BREATHE!

I don't hate the bike as much as I used too. Still not sure we will be best friends anytime soon. But I can tolerate it. I did realize there is a big difference on a ok bike (walmart) and one that a little more money went into! I won't be buying myself a Walmart bike that's forsure!

Another plus, I've started building a better friendship with my training partner. Not sure I would go most days if she wasn't going with me! I enjoy our conversations and really think our boys will be good friends as they grow up.

The weight loss results are slow, but I am enjoying myself and look forward to what my achievements will look like in 6 more months. Maybe,big MAYBE, I'll post before and after pictures on that post!

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