Thursday, September 16, 2010

Internet is back! (randomly)

Our Internet, modem, something has been messed up lately. Scott finally call ATT last night and got it working. He has to call again tonight because it goes online and offline randomly! Anyway, that is my excuse for lack of blogging.

Bree is still doing well in school. She missed 2 days this week due to fever and throat infection. The teacher gave us a weekly list of what the learn so we did school at home those two days. We are working on her attitude! She has recently started to back talk a lot, stomp her foot at me, and raises her voice often. Fun Stuff NOT!

She made the a tie for her daddy and made him tape it to his shirt :)

Jare is ornery as ever. He loves to wrestle ALL DAY! He has really started communicating with me since Bree is in school. I love that he is saying 4 and 5 word sentences now. My least favorite phrase right now though is "I scared of potty mom". He did so well with potty training for a couple weeks then took several steps back :(. I'm giving him a month then we will be back at it again!

Sawyer is growing and growing! He is 7 months now! Has the cutest gummy grin ever and smile 99% of the time. He is army crawling, rolling,and rocks on his hands and knees. He can sit up for several minutes but falls over often. Oh, he is madly in love with his big sister. He gets giddy when she's around.

I think that catches up on everything!

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