Saturday, April 28, 2012

Caleb's 3rd Bday Party

Our whole family was invited to a cookout at the Hutton's to celebrate Caleb's 3rd birthday. I think there were 12 wild little children, 9 adults, and 1 teenager that attended this birthday bash. The 12 little ones only came from
4 families, Crazy and LOUD!
The food was wonderful:
Hot dogs
Potato salad
Baked beans
Cole slaw
Fruit Salad
Of course cake and ice cream too!
I didn't get many pictures because I didn't have my phone most of the time, but I did get a few and Kara sent me a couple.
Highlight of the party was a visit from none other than.....
Lightening McQueen!!!!

We had box car races...

I know, I know those are supposed to be for the kids! We let them race a little too!

Like mother, like son! Check out that mater box, he was my favorite!
Jarrett, Sawyer, and Bree had so much fun running like crazy and eating.

These pictures just make me wanna sing "Red Solo Cup"!

Happy Birthday Caleb, we loved celebrating with you!

**** side note day 4 potty training Sawyer a success. Thankful all 3 of mine have been easy to train!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Field Trip, Sprinkler, Potty Time

Bree's kindergarten class traveled to Enid today for a field trip at Leonardo's. I was a tiny bit nervous about her going, but found out Lacy Moore was the mom going. Mrs. White asked that only one parent from the whole class go due to bus space and to promote a little independence for the kiddos. Lacy sent me a few pictures of Bree while they were there!

She must have played hard!

We got the sprinkler out at Non's today, but Jarrett was the only one who braved it for a long period of time. He LOVED it! Cannot wait to take him swimming.

They all did a little muddin' when the sprinkler got shut off!

YouTube Video

My biggest news of the day!!!! Sawyer kept his pull up dry all day and used the potty (except during nap he wasn't dry). We haven't accomplished number 2 yet, but I am super proud of my boy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


First I got this lovely new vinyl thing for my living room wall. I love it, Scott not so much. Either way it's staying!

The kids and I headed to Tulsa for my Nephews birthday party on Thursday, but not before the boys got some outside time in with their buddy Caleb.

We hung out at Mema and Papa's house watching some Micky Mouse.

Ryan's party was at BounceU. Awesome place for parties. Staff is wonderful and was so much fun for the kids!

Bree lost her 2nd tooth while bouncing away, luckily she didn't swallow it.

The tooth fairy is about broke after 2 teeth in 5 days!

We drove to Paden after instead of going home since some bad storms were supposed to roll threw Oklahoma. And Roll they did just not as early in the day as anticipated.

My mom, Shane, Ash, and I sat glued to the TV as Marty Logan teaches the storm threw Woodward just after Midnight helpless from afar all we could do was cry as he described what was happening. I'm thankful my dad and Scott were safe and as well as all my friends, but devastated at the loss the town has suffered.

Through the devastation though I have been amazed at the outpouring of help and love in our community.

And as a side note, Scott says we are getting a storm shelter.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This weekend we:

Got a puppy

Dyed Eggs

Climbed the tractor

Played Superhero

Laughed a lot and

Watched our new pup become friends with our old pup.

Now as for the puppy. Hubby has a weak spot for Pugs. As we left Walmart Saturday he spotted a Pugs for sale sign. I thought we'd dodged the bullet but as we neared 8th and Hanks he said "if I go back will you ask how much" and he turns around. I get out not so willingly and ask the price and other questions about the pup. We left and discussed I knew his mind was made up. I told him take the boys and I home to inlaid groceries and then go back and make a the decision. And he came home with her.

Guess who gets to potty, kennel, and whatever train her while hubby is out of town for this week. You guessed it, ME, funny how that works! She's kinda growing on me, but Dozer is my dog

Miss Piper, that would be her name, is Scott's and I'll gladly hand over the puppy duty responsibilities this weekend when I head to Jenks America to run my 2nd Half Marathon!