Thursday, April 26, 2012

Field Trip, Sprinkler, Potty Time

Bree's kindergarten class traveled to Enid today for a field trip at Leonardo's. I was a tiny bit nervous about her going, but found out Lacy Moore was the mom going. Mrs. White asked that only one parent from the whole class go due to bus space and to promote a little independence for the kiddos. Lacy sent me a few pictures of Bree while they were there!

She must have played hard!

We got the sprinkler out at Non's today, but Jarrett was the only one who braved it for a long period of time. He LOVED it! Cannot wait to take him swimming.

They all did a little muddin' when the sprinkler got shut off!

YouTube Video

My biggest news of the day!!!! Sawyer kept his pull up dry all day and used the potty (except during nap he wasn't dry). We haven't accomplished number 2 yet, but I am super proud of my boy!

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