Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This weekend we:

Got a puppy

Dyed Eggs

Climbed the tractor

Played Superhero

Laughed a lot and

Watched our new pup become friends with our old pup.

Now as for the puppy. Hubby has a weak spot for Pugs. As we left Walmart Saturday he spotted a Pugs for sale sign. I thought we'd dodged the bullet but as we neared 8th and Hanks he said "if I go back will you ask how much" and he turns around. I get out not so willingly and ask the price and other questions about the pup. We left and discussed I knew his mind was made up. I told him take the boys and I home to inlaid groceries and then go back and make a the decision. And he came home with her.

Guess who gets to potty, kennel, and whatever train her while hubby is out of town for this week. You guessed it, ME, funny how that works! She's kinda growing on me, but Dozer is my dog

Miss Piper, that would be her name, is Scott's and I'll gladly hand over the puppy duty responsibilities this weekend when I head to Jenks America to run my 2nd Half Marathon!

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