Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Things

Little things around my house have made me smile today.

Paw and little foot prints on my wood floor from the kids and Dozer running in and out.

Sawyers chalk hand print on the front door.

Little chalk foot prints headed to the bathtub.

Chalk and chalk art on the front porch.

Bree's writing I found scratched into my entry table.

Toothpaste in the kids sink.

My new paint color in my living room!

While lost of these require that I clean up the messes, I smile because they mean I have 3 happy kids making those messes and Dozer helping them make them! As far as the writing on my table. It's a metal table so it's there to stay. I did ask that she not do that again and who Gavin was. She got all mad at me, think she may have her first crush!

And my wall....I love it!! Still have a few more decorating finishing touched to get my living room how I want it. But I'm happy for now!

1 comment:

Kara said...

I found engravings on the boys' beds downstairs once...they are more vain than Bree, they wrote their own names!