Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sawyer 9 Months

Sawyer was really 9 months on the 15th. I'm a little late. Was hoping to take some 9 month pictures to post but haven't gotten around to it yet! He has been a bit fussy lately and today at his 9 month doctor visit I found out why. Poor guy has an ear infection. I have to take him back in a month to re check it. He had an ear infection in the same ear a month ago. Doctor wants to make sure it clears up this time.


Height: 28 1/2 inches
Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz
Head: 18 1/2 inches

Sawyer is smaller than Bree at this age, but a tiny bit bigger than Jare was.

What is Saw up to?

Pulling up
Starting to eat some table food
Finally off Alimentum
Wears 9-12 month clothes
Size 4 diaper
No words yet
Only 2 teeth
Puts everything in his mouth

Monday, November 29, 2010

Double Trouble!

These two keep me on my toes during Sunday School...

I even had to use their middle names on this day...

Of course I love Jarrett he's mine, but I love Mr. Cole a whole bunch too!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Week "In Pictures"

Just a few I had on my phone :). We had fun!

Monday, November 22, 2010

26.2, 13.1, and a Relay

Participating in the Route 66 marathon event was probably one of the funnest things I've ever been a part of. The atmosphere was electric. I got to run on the course with runners of all abilities. I am new to the running world, I am shocked at how humble, kind, and supportive runners are! From the those who've just started to those who have been running forever. They are all supportive, genuinely proud of each and every runner out there. I'm sure time matters to most runners on the course but they are just as excited for the first finisher as they are for the last! I think running may be the only sport where just FINISHING is appreciated! It was a day full of emotions, goals being reached, and new goals being set.

My dad ran his first Marathon!

I was crazy excited proud of him and thrilled I got to see him start and finish! I get teary eyed thinking about it. I know that sounds crazy, but he set out to run 26.2 miles, a marathon, trained hard for 16 weeks, and he finished, I think that is amazing!

My mom ran her first 1/2 Marathon 13.1 miles. I didn't get to see her finish, I was busy shuttling after my run. I do know she has had some foot and leg issues and she battled through and finished her race! She's one of the toughest women I know!

I ran in my first marathon relay at the route 66. My leg was 5.2 miles of hills:). I conquered it in around 64 minutes my best time and only 4th time to run 5 miles! Sole Sistas finished 22 out of 200 teams!!! So happy I got to share this with each of you! Bring on OKC and hopefully several more races together!

I thought my mom and dad were nutso when they started running a couple years ago! I told them that several times. The phrase "I'll never run" left my lips more than once! Now I'm thankful they started and continue to run. I'm thankful they set goals and finish them. That they encourage me and believe I can accomplish all the crazy goals I set. That my mom has told me several times "your just like your DAD!" when i talk about running, hey he rocked a marathon that's a huge compliment!

One more thing and I'll quit rambling. Thanks Michelle for keeping me grounded, telling me "let's just finish" or "we finished" when I get caught up in the amount of time it took me/us. For going along with all my crazy ideas! You've survived muddy buddy and the relay. You'll conquer the 1/2, full, and the Ragnar with me too :) Let's keep doing what we do and having fun!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Route 66 Marathon

You know how you felt when you were little and you were about to go on vacation, or 4 days before Christmas, etc. That is how I feel right now about my Marathon relay. I cannot wait, I'm so excited!!! I'm not usually one to want the week to fly by. But this week is a different story!!

5 days
20 hours
4 minutes
35 seconds

Let's go SOLE SISTAS!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Streets of Gold 5k

Today I ran another 5k race. The course was fun and challenging. The biggest challenge being a hill the local people have named "big Bertha". She kicked my butt that's for sure!

Map of the course. "Bertha" was right before the 4k mark I believe.

I didn't make a personal best, but overall satisfied with my time of 34:51. This course was harder than my last race where I achieved my personal best of 33:35. This is however the first race I can honestly say I enjoyed running and didn't ever feel like just giving up. I will conquer "Bertha" next year!

My dad and I after the race. The sun was very bright and my eyes tend to be sensitive thus my hand above them. I forgot my sunglasses!

My friend Rachel from Glenpool recently started running. She came to run so she would have a race experience before we take on a marathon relay next week. I am super proud of her. She did awesome with a time of 37:05!

The medalist of our little group. My dad placed 1st in his age group. My cousin Lacy 3rd in hers, this was my age group too. And Jeri placed 2nd in hers. Jeri was re-enacting the fit she threw mid race when told she had to make a turn instead of going straight. She is so funny!

This race was so much fun. I love racing with people I know. The more the better!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bree's Prayer

Yesterday morning was a little rough. Bree was whiny not doing as she was told etc. After about 15 minutes if she and I battling it out she stopped, squeezed her little eyes shut, folded her hands and prayed.

"Dear God, please make my mommy don't be so mean, Amen!"

To which I responded...

"Dear God, please help Bree to not be so whiny, Amen!"

Love that girl!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mark it off...

My running bucket list! Yesterday Michelle and I conquered our first 7 mile run. We held a slow steady pace and got it done.

So what else is on my Running Bucket List??

I only started it about 6 months ago when Michelle and I started training for Muddy Buddy. Actually that was the only thing on my list until about a month ago. That's when I added the Marathon relay I will do in 2 weeks.

Here is my official list with dates I hope to achieve each goal (as far as races).

Muddy Buddy Dallas 10/24
7 mile long run
(I plan to add these long runs as I run them.)
Marathon Relay 11/21
10k First of 2011
Mud Bud Woodward Summer 2011
1/2 marathon Spring 2011
Muddy Buddy Dallas 2011 (under 1 hour)
Full Marathon by 2012
Ragnar Relay ????

I can't believe I actually want to do all of this. It's kind of an addiction once I got started, and if I can do it I think anyone can!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jarrett's Obsession

Jarrett is slightly obsessed with.........


Mickey Mouse...no


What then you might ask?????

That's right vacuum cleaners! This is a picture of Shane and Ashley's. I had her send it to me because he was begging me all day to see and touch it!

After he saw theirs he wanted to see Non and Pop's...

Can you guess which one is Non's and which is Pop's??

We go to my cleaning closet several times a day to see and touch our vacuum and steam cleaner. And he likes to take everyone that comes to our house to see them.

When we take a trip to Wal-Mart he doesn't ask for the toy isle. No he wants the vacuum steam cleaner isle. He gets so excited!

I think he's crazy, Ashley thinks he may invent the next big thing as far as vacuums and carpet cleaners go. I just hope in a few years he will still like them so he can do all the vacuuming around here!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010