Friday, May 27, 2011

Poppy & Pool

Last night Poppy wore the kids put wrestling all of them.

They were pretty much a blur all attacking him at the same time.

Lots of squeals and giggles all around.

Poppy may have been more tired than my 3 after they were finished with him!

Today we all went to Boiling Springs to climb a dirt hill the kids like and hike on the trails. I think Jarrett would wander through the nature trails all day!

As we were getting ready to leave and the kids were all sweaty we decided to send Poppy on a pool run. Bree and Jare along with Non tagged along and they found a suitable plastic pool at Atwoods. I've done the big pool thing and can't keep them clean.

They don't care the size they had fun just splashing around!

Sawyer was napping while we played, he will get his turn tomorrow.

Tonight we went to non and pops to ride the powerwheels. I think it's going to be a long summer for me! Even after a full day Bree wants to do more! She's gonna wear me out! I'm going to have to get some kind of weekly schedule together so we have something planned everyday!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011



I wonder...

What my toes taste like??!!??

Eh, maybe my ear will taste better!

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Monday, May 23, 2011


Silly Saucy

Sunbathing Beauty

My Jare Bear

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Half Marathon

Still can't believe I finished a half marathon on Saturday! I forsure have to run another and maybe several to get the finish time I'm after. I'm happy for right now just with the fact I can say I finished a 1/2!

Michelle and I headed out Friday afternoon.

We arrived in Tulsa around 7. Dropped Bree at my inlaws and met up with Ashley, her mom, and sister at Zio's to carb load! After stuffing ourselves we made a trip to Academy to find Michelle some socks to hopefully prevent blisters. We found some, they really didn't help! We made it to bed around midnight and were back up at 5:30 to get dressed and head to the race.

We were at the start early enough to snap a few pictures.

Here we are with our Relay Sole Sista Emily. She ran the half as well. Wish our other Sole Sistas could have run as well.

Their were 500 1/2 marathon participants. Seemed like a small group to me after being the 1st leg of our Relay at the oklahoma memorial marathon.

Michelle and I decided to run this race to celebrate 1 year running. The plan was start together, finish together. We made the first six miles together. I get lost in the rhythm of my run easily and I pulled away a few times, but I could usually turn around and still see Michelle. If I couldn't I'd wait at water stops or turn around for her. She was fighting through some major blisters that began on mile 4.

This one is from a our last training run...she had them on several toes at the end of the half. I was a bit ahead at mile 11 and my plan was to wait for her at mile 12 and finish. After the last turn around we passes each other and I told her I wanted to wait but every time I tried to stop or walk my hips started cramping up. She told me to just go. So I did, not without a few tears shed for not getting to cross the finish with her, but I new if I stopped I wouldn't start again. I crossed the finish at 2:44:04. I got my medal, turned in my chip, got water and started to back track the course til I found Michelle. I ran the last bit with her and watched her finish. She crossed somewhere between 2:53 & 2:54, not sure of exact time.

The course was pretty tough with lots of nice hills! I feel bad for Michelle and her toes but am super proud that she pushed through and finished. I'm also happy that she goes along with all my race ideas and trains with me and keeps me going! Can't wait to give this course another go next year. We are running the Full marathon in November. I'm not thinking that'll be something I do more than a couple times, but the half I could do over and over and enjoy I think!

These girls ran the 5k and then hung around to witness us finish our race. Ashley had been doing the c25k program and finished in 46:03 I think. Her goal was 45, she already signed up for another race! Jen just ran with them for fun and Kassie was dragged along by Ashley. I think they may have the run bug now though :)

These 3 things help with my aches and pains. I'm pretty good today. Just tired and not real hungry. I'm going to try a recovery run probably Thursday!

Michelle and Tisha: Non-runners to half marathoners in 1 year...who woulda thunk it!!!!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Not my best day today. My van got rammed. However, the boys, my mom, and I are all fine.

The accident was not my fault. I was minding my own business leaving Walmart when a big brown dodge van pulled out from the Cato shopping center headed toward the Walmart gas station. I guess I was in his way because we got hit. The picture is Jarrett's door. I was so worried when I knew it was his door that would be hit and there was nothing I could do about it!

So thankful my mom was with me. I was a shaken mess and couldn't even think straight! We called the police even though the guy that hit us just wanted to exchange info. Turns out he had invalid insurance, suspended license, tag out of date, and who knows what else! He got taken to jail and his van towed. That doesn't help the fact that I have to pay my deductible to get my van fixed!

Jar wanted to know what I did to his door and why he can't open it. He was there but I guess he doesn't understand what happened. According to my insurance person, Ashley's sister, the insurance company has to get is new car-seats since we were in a wreck.

That was the "lowlight" of my day. It could have been worse, would rather my van be damaged than my children any day!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Longing for long summer days!

I think I'm more ready for school to be out than Bree! I'm over dragging her out of bed, packing her lunch, arguing about outfits, and so on. She's been super crabby and whiney the past few days, she says she just wants school to be over!

We are ready for sleeping in, swimming pools,

playing in the backyard,

Sprinklers, popsicles,

spending a week at Ashley and Shane's, no set bedtime, and all the other fun summer brings!

I have to put a picture of this guy on my blog. We all love him, just like the kids he likes to push my buttons! He steals my shoes all the time, just mine! His running shoes. Anyway he gets to go to the vet tomorrow for surgery. We need him to not be able to reproduce! I had to explain this to Bree, she said...but we want puppies!!! Um, no!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cakes, Spider Bite?, Recipe

Sawyer and I made a quick trip to urgent care today. He has a spot on his leg I was concerned about. Doctor says spider bite, I say Staph infection. Either way the same medicine treats both. While there I was flipping through a magazine and saw this cupcake cake. It's a pirate map. Thinking it may be a good idea for Jarrett's birthday.

Scott was home today. This afternoon we played outside and worked on the kids playhouse.

It's shingled, carpeted, and obviously pretty much built. Still needs windows cut out, paint, and some trim work. They are going to have so much fun this summer!

I made a Mexican chicken ring for dinner. It was very good. I got the recipe from a blog I read, click here if you want the recipe.

We went out to my parents to ride the power wheels again tonight. Mr. Saw was so sweet playing in the sandbox.

Now all my munchkins are in bed and I'm just relaxing!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We stayed busy this weekend. Friday I cleaned Bree's pit Room. Sawyer helped by pulling things out as fast as I put them away. Atleast he attempted to help. His sister was "tired".

Jarrett has been on the puny side. I took him to the doc Thursday. He has double ear infection and a nasty throat. He hasn't been himself for a few weeks. It took a croupy cough night awake on Wednesday for him to admit his ear hurt! He has a very high pain tolerance. He crashed in his chair Friday mid-morning. Trying to catch up on his z's I guess.

Saturday morning the kiddos enjoyed watching a movie together. Ok, this moment of silence only lasted like 4 seconds, but they were sweet all sitting there!

I wanted to go to yard sales Saturday morning, but I had a rough night and didn't get up. However, Nonny and Pop did. They found these two little gems for the kiddos. Total spent $30!!! The kids LOVE them!

After running the batteries down we all watched Pop and Dad work on the Neon. Pop is trying to get it up and running cause his truck guzzles a little to much fuel! Bree likes when we watched the spark plugs to see if the sparkled (her words).

Today we played outside whole Scott shingled the playhouse. They built this house in the living room before I put them to bed due to excessive crankiness and whining :).

They didn't put up a fight going to sleep so they must have been worn out! (Here are Bree and Jare before we moved them to their beds.)

Scott and I had Sunday School and Extended with ELEVEN 2 year olds, plus Bree...Enough said!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

First Day of "Summer" fun!

It is technically spring, buy the thermometer on my van said 103 when I got in it to go get Bree. That says Summer to me!

Michelle and Caleb came over to play tonight. Before the got here I had to entertain (distract) my munchkins before we played in the sprinkler.

Coloring lasted about 5 minutes so I got them suited and sunscreened up and played "your sunscreen has to dry and soak in first" card. I remember hating those words when I was little. I think it's more of a stall tactic than a neccessity!

The kiddos played hard in the sprinkler and on ride on toys. Sawyer and Caleb weren't to fond of sprinkling water. And it's not summer with out Popsicles!

Sawyer ate his while pacing the porch back and forth like a caged lion. He is a mess. I though Jare was my adventurous one and he is adventurous, but Sawyer keeps me on my toes the most out of my 3! He does every ornery thing with a huge smile though!

Caleb had to rest in the chair and eat his Popsicle. Yes his momma sunscreened his little cheeks! They heat gave him his rosy red cheeks not the sun!

Kelli, the girls, and Coy ventured over for a bit. Coy is a sweetie. He's not to sure about me I don't think, but he loves Saw, well Saw's ears anyway!

This Summer is going to be so much fun! Last year was hard on me with an infant. Oh and I'm 66 pounds lighter so that makes it so much more enjoyable!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sis & Sauce

Sauce is one of the many names I have for Sawyer. I like to give my kiddos nicknames, I think it's fun :)

Anyway I took Breeze and Saw to the park on Thursday. I haven't really taken Saw since he can walk really well. Boy is a wanderer and has a mind of his own. And to prove he's male he is capable of turning his ears off and only hearing what he wants too!

We were beginning to take finish our walk around the pond when we heard a couple familiar voice yelling "Bree". So we turned around and player awhile longer with these girls.

Bree loves to play with her friends. We had to leave a little later cause Saw had had enough. He was ready for a snack and a drink :)

Guess I should go to bed now. I planned to run 13 miles in the morning. Then thought I couldn't because Scott got called into work. Now after texting back and forth with Michelle we are going to run. Thanks to Kirstie offering for her and Emmaleigh to keep my kids (minus 1) and Caleb while Michelle and I run (torture) ourselves!

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