Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Longing for long summer days!

I think I'm more ready for school to be out than Bree! I'm over dragging her out of bed, packing her lunch, arguing about outfits, and so on. She's been super crabby and whiney the past few days, she says she just wants school to be over!

We are ready for sleeping in, swimming pools,

playing in the backyard,

Sprinklers, popsicles,

spending a week at Ashley and Shane's, no set bedtime, and all the other fun summer brings!

I have to put a picture of this guy on my blog. We all love him, just like the kids he likes to push my buttons! He steals my shoes all the time, just mine! His running shoes. Anyway he gets to go to the vet tomorrow for surgery. We need him to not be able to reproduce! I had to explain this to Bree, she said...but we want puppies!!! Um, no!

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