Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We stayed busy this weekend. Friday I cleaned Bree's pit Room. Sawyer helped by pulling things out as fast as I put them away. Atleast he attempted to help. His sister was "tired".

Jarrett has been on the puny side. I took him to the doc Thursday. He has double ear infection and a nasty throat. He hasn't been himself for a few weeks. It took a croupy cough night awake on Wednesday for him to admit his ear hurt! He has a very high pain tolerance. He crashed in his chair Friday mid-morning. Trying to catch up on his z's I guess.

Saturday morning the kiddos enjoyed watching a movie together. Ok, this moment of silence only lasted like 4 seconds, but they were sweet all sitting there!

I wanted to go to yard sales Saturday morning, but I had a rough night and didn't get up. However, Nonny and Pop did. They found these two little gems for the kiddos. Total spent $30!!! The kids LOVE them!

After running the batteries down we all watched Pop and Dad work on the Neon. Pop is trying to get it up and running cause his truck guzzles a little to much fuel! Bree likes when we watched the spark plugs to see if the sparkled (her words).

Today we played outside whole Scott shingled the playhouse. They built this house in the living room before I put them to bed due to excessive crankiness and whining :).

They didn't put up a fight going to sleep so they must have been worn out! (Here are Bree and Jare before we moved them to their beds.)

Scott and I had Sunday School and Extended with ELEVEN 2 year olds, plus Bree...Enough said!

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