Monday, May 9, 2011

First Day of "Summer" fun!

It is technically spring, buy the thermometer on my van said 103 when I got in it to go get Bree. That says Summer to me!

Michelle and Caleb came over to play tonight. Before the got here I had to entertain (distract) my munchkins before we played in the sprinkler.

Coloring lasted about 5 minutes so I got them suited and sunscreened up and played "your sunscreen has to dry and soak in first" card. I remember hating those words when I was little. I think it's more of a stall tactic than a neccessity!

The kiddos played hard in the sprinkler and on ride on toys. Sawyer and Caleb weren't to fond of sprinkling water. And it's not summer with out Popsicles!

Sawyer ate his while pacing the porch back and forth like a caged lion. He is a mess. I though Jare was my adventurous one and he is adventurous, but Sawyer keeps me on my toes the most out of my 3! He does every ornery thing with a huge smile though!

Caleb had to rest in the chair and eat his Popsicle. Yes his momma sunscreened his little cheeks! They heat gave him his rosy red cheeks not the sun!

Kelli, the girls, and Coy ventured over for a bit. Coy is a sweetie. He's not to sure about me I don't think, but he loves Saw, well Saw's ears anyway!

This Summer is going to be so much fun! Last year was hard on me with an infant. Oh and I'm 66 pounds lighter so that makes it so much more enjoyable!

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