Monday, May 2, 2011

OKC Memorial Marathon Relay Weekend!

I have to say this Marathon was a different experience. I don't know if the weather conditions cause chaos and unorganization or if it's always this way but I don't care to run a relay in OKC again. That being said I did have fun just wish I could have seen my team more, could have seen Emily cross the finish line (better yet our team finish together), and seen my dad run his final .2 and actually cross the finish line and not just see him right after.

I am amazed that so many people showed up to run on such a rainy, windy, hail at times, freezing cold day. I was brought to tears at the finish line. This race was in remembrance of those who lost their lives at the OKC bombing. I saw one woman finish who ran her race with a loved ones shoe, and she broke down into tears at the finish. I saw firemen in full gear that did the half I believe in honor of their fallen brothers. The whole experience probably would been even better with better weather!

Now let me talk about my Sole Sisters!! I had the 1st leg. I have never run in a mob of so many people! It was crazy!!! And with the rain came ponchos and then people tossed those ponchos to the side when the got hot and guess who got all tangled on one. Me! I didn't fall but it wrapped around my feet tight and the wind made it hard to remove. A kind runner did help me untangle myself! Even with all that was against me I ran a personal best and enjoyed my 6.2 miles so much. I never felt like I couldn't go on ever, best run to date!

Michelle and I at the Expo

My friend Rachel had leg 2. We had to play Rachel/Tisha (kinda like Marco Polo) in the Sea of people at the relay exchange. Then she was on her way. I know the temperatures started to drop at this point. But Rachel did and awesome job!

In the hotel before leaving to walk to start line.

Up next Tabi with leg 3. While she was running her leg I was holed up in a convenient store with Ashley. She came to hang out watch us start and finish. She may think twice for the next race after freezing all day! While there we talked with a couple local girls who informed us leg 3 was around the lake and would be even colder because it was by the lake! Poor Tabi was frozen to the bone when we picked her up at the shuttle point. Luckily we had a nice warm car for her to get in!

My splits, I'm proud of mile 6!!

Leg 4, my running buddy Michelle! She killed it and got a personal best! I heard there were even a couple killer hills this leg. Wish I could of seen her face when she handed off! We would have both cried cause we are weird about running like that :)

Bling that all relay runners get! We earned these babies!

Emily had the final leg! I'm sure she was already wet and cold before she started to run. She trooped on though and made us proud! We missed her finishing by 5 min! Super bummed about that, but we bettered or relay time by close to 20 min even in the rain, hail, and cold!

Up next for Michelle and I, half marathon in Jenks May 21. Emily and Tabi are running it as well. So maybe if Rachel comes we can have a Sola Sista reunion and actually get a team picture!!!

It was wet, It was cold, It was fun, I'm glad it is done!!

*** my mom and Lori D. had a team as well, Runaway Chicks. They did great as well!!!

***I am glad I got to see my dad at his 2nd marathon. He didn't reach his goal but bettered his time. Michelle and I are running the full with (ok behind him) at the route 66 marathon in November!

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You continue to amaze and inspire me! You rock!!!