Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Awana Awards Night

Awana's has come to a close once again. Breeana successfully competed the Cubbies program. Most Wednesday's she would beg not to go, but always had fun once we got there. Tonight her group sang a couple songs and received their awards.

I directed our Puggles group at church with the help of my friend Amanda. We had it pretty easy this year, only 3 boys in our class Ben, Graydon, and Gage. Tonight 1 out of the 3 preformed the song and said his parts, that would be Ben. Graydon and Gage followed in Carter Reid's footsteps by not saying a word yet happily accepting their awards and candy!

Can't say that I'm looking forward to next year. We will have the dynamic duo of Jarrett and Cole plus a few more ornery boys I think. Should be interesting!!!

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1 comment:

Kara said...

I too am a little concerned about next year :) LOL!

I also have a few pics Cory snapped of Bree. I will email them to you!