Saturday, April 9, 2011

First race of the year!

Today I ran the 1st annual Integris hospice 10k in Clinton, OK. I told my dad who grew up around Clinton where the course would take us. He said should be pretty flat and fast. Well, he was wrong. My mind wasn't prepared for all the hills. Not that they were steep, but there were several! I did my best and ended up with a 10:15 pace just 30 sec shy of my goal pace. Place 2nd in my age group with a time of 1:04:13.

Considering the course I'm satisfied with my time and I'll run it faster next year!!

Before the race started.

My dad getting a little stretching in before the start.

Michelle and I about 1/4 mile in.

Me crossing the finish.

Michelle crossing finish.

For fun, picture on left before our very first ever race last July. Right today, we look like and are much better runners almost a year later :)

Sad part of my day...Sawyer broke my most favorite sunglasses. I use them with every run, I called them my lucky sunglasses, at least it happened after today's race. Scott thinks they are ugly so he probably told Sawyer to break them! Guess I'll look for some real running sunglasses now!

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